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  • How to make a tiny decorating budget stretch exponentially

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Shannon. I am a designer, decorator, writer and stylist. 

I remember how I felt in our first house. I was ecstatic. After all our newlywed and college apartments, we finally had a house. But I was stumped. I had no idea where to start decorating. For real. NO IDEA!

I decided to study photos of homes that I loved. I visited model homes, scoured design and decorating magazines and poured over catalogs. 

Until, I finally – finally – figured out how to put everything together to make our whole house cozy and beautiful., step-by-step and one room at a time…So now YOU can skip the learning curve and get straight to creating the home you love.

We hate spam too and promise never to share your email address.

Are you ready to make what few decorating dollars you have stretch beyond your wildest dreams?

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