Warehouse Lighting for Less

Has anyone ever noticed that Warehouse Lighting can be really really expensive?

Like sell a kid or remortgage the house expensive?

I could never figure out why. Have you ever thought about it? They’re basically just some metal and a $5 cord kit thrown together, right?

Well as I was bemoaning this fact (and the fact that I couldn’t find a satisfactory way to DIY a farmhouse/warehouse pendant) to hubby, who has worked in sheet metal for the last 20+ years, he looked at me blankly. Then he simply said “because the metal has to be spun”.



Wait. What?

According to wikipedia:

Metal spinning, also known as spin forming or spinning or metal turning most commonly, is a metalworking process by which a disc or tube of metal is rotated at high speed and formed into an axially symmetric part.[1] Spinning can be performed by hand or by a CNC lathe.

Which of course we’re not going to be DIYing anytime soon. Even with a hubby who works in sheet metal!

Which of course led to me hunting down the least expensive, yet still totally authentic looking versions I could find.

Warehouse Lighting for Less


warehouse fixture

Lighting Universe $50

ATG Stores $39.90 (white, black, green, red)

farmhouse pendant

Lighting Universe $37.72

warehouse pendant light

Ikea $14.99 (beige, green, red)

white warehouse light fixture

Lowes.ca $59 INCL shipping! (white)

For over our kitchen sink, we chose the white Lowes light. It was a decent price, 16″ across  and I could pay by Paypal (which meant the funds came right out of my bank account instead of off a credit card – which we’re not using anymore).

Have you got any secret sources for low-price warehouse lighting? Any ways to DIY your own? Do share!

P.S. I wrote about 5 Double Duty Pieces for Easy Home Organization over at Organizing Junkie today. If you’re looking for ways to create more storage space in your home, check it out!

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