The Old Bungalow House Tour Video – Just for Fun!

I was having coffee with a friend this week (something I try to do every week) and we were talking house stuff and decor. She asked about something and I said “oh yeah, when we were on Steven and Chris a couple of years ago…

Well, my sweet friend just looked at me funny.

Turns out it was so long ago – we weren’t even friends yet!

So for anyone else who wasn’t around two and a half years ago, here is a link to the Steven and Chris episode in which I give a tour of our house: Season 5 episode 32 (I’m on at about the 6 minute mark after the ads). That’s me – saying the word “perfect” 1000 times.

steven and chris video still Twiddling our Thumbs and Reminiscing

The same day I was in studio, they shot this little how-to rag wreath video.

me diy tutorial Twiddling our Thumbs and Reminiscing

It was a pretty fun experience. :)

Have you ever been on TV? Or said “perfect” far too many times to count?

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    I remember watching that episode and checking out your blog right away. I actually think that’s how I came to know you. It was around the time I first started blogging, and then I guest posted for you a bit after that. Wow, 2 1/2 years already! (And I didn’t notice you said perfect too many times!)