The House One Month After Moving In

Just a warning: This post – and its photos – definitely fall into the ‘keeping it real’ category.

As of Friday we will have been in this house for 4 weeks. The first week was spent feverishly unpacking, decorating and shopping for Christmas. The second week was all about Christmas – family, food, celebration. The third week was a bit of a mash-up of shopping, eating out, and chilling out. For the past week daughter number one and I have been fighting off a head cold, which probably has something to do with all the shopping and eating out in previous weeks!

Kitchen – today. So much going on in here. New breakfast bar, cabinets to paint, stainless countertops…and then some!

To say that the house is still a mess, is a bit of an understatement.

The tree is still up.

The kitchen is mid-reno.

There is a compact fridge in my living room and a dishwasher in my dining room.

And only one wall has yet to see a paint brush.

Master bedroom. The walls are a sage green. Not a bad colour at all. But not OUR colour. Especially since we bought the grey-brown Hemnes dressers and night stands from Ikea. Paint will be happening here asap.

But that’s okay. Because life is happening.

We started our homeschool lessons again yesterday. The kids have a fair at AWANA tonight – which means the Mister and I have a date! He even took our son to see a friend’s hockey game last night. See – life!

Family room. This room is pretty organized. We just have to paint so that it’s more US. See a theme here? Paint, paint and more paint!

I hope January 2013 is being kind to you so far. Any projects/resolutions/goals going on?



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Time to Chat

  1. Colette says

    I love that gray-brown ikea furniture. Is it as dark as it looks in your photo? I feel like the pictures on the ikea website look lighter. I’m thinking of getting nightstands in that color to go with an off-white/cream dresser that I already have. Do you think that would match? Thanks!

    • aka design says

      I adore the colour – although I can’t speak to how light or dark it is because your monitor may show it different than mine. Your best bet would be to see it in the store. :)

  2. says

    Looks like you are busy Shannon! Can’t wait to see your kitchen reno and all of your other projects! I imagine it feels good to at least be all moved in now! We have a ton of projects to do yet from moving this past September! It’s fun to decorate another home! Have a great week. Heather

    • aka design says

      It’s very VERY nice to be all moved in and very nice to have the extra space for the kids. :) Have fun with your projects too, Heather.