Target Canada Soft Opening

Yesterday was the Target Canada soft opening for many Ontario stores.

target canada soft opening

Yesterday was also my birthday!

I LOVE birthdays and I thoroughly enjoyed ‘my day’ yesterday. I stayed in my pajamas until noon. Dean came home early. We ordered pizza and watched movies and ate entirely too much junk food.

And we went to Target.

In Canada.

So fun!

And here’s where I feel the need to gently remind my fellow Canadians that the stores that are currently open have only opened as a soft launch. According to wikipedia a soft launch or soft opening is described as follows (emphasis mine):

In a “soft opening” or “soft launch” the establishment begins to operate with little promotion. This allows the organization to become more organized the first few weeks or months before the more publicized grand opening and gives the management and staff a chance to become familiar with the daily operations of their inventory, accounting, and customer service requirements.


Shelves will not be fully stocked, staff will be figuring out how to do their NEW jobs and Starbucks (yes Dean and I are absolutely Starbucks people!) won’t be setup to take iPhone payments yet.

But that’s okay.

Really it is! Because there were some nice finds to be found and Target’s Buyers definitely know their stuff a whole lot better than Zellers Buyer’s ever did.

What I Liked

There were many stylish design finds including an assortment of items from the Nate Berkus line (hello happy tortoise shell!), unique photo frames, lighting that is tough to find up here and baskets with chalkboard tags attached.

And prices were pretty reasonable (hate to break it to you but we’re still shopping in Canada folks!), with brands that aren’t easily found in Canada or brands that up until now we’ve only been able to find State-side. Which of course meant either a trip to the U.S. or ordering online with shipping costs to get things here.

What I Bought

As for what we actually purchased and brought home? I saw plenty of things that I liked and could make use of. Although a few of those things I figured I could DIY for less – like the UMBRA clipboard frames shown in the bottom left corner of the photo above.

Realistically I went specifically looking for a few yellow and gray accent pieces for our Master Bedroom knowing I could spend a little money, since it was my birthday.

White 5×7 photo frame. I figure I’ll print a favorite photo of the kids to put inside.

Gray and Yellow Plaid rug which fits PERFECTLY in front of my dresser.

White ceramic tea light holder. Although I will probably just leave it as a little accent piece without a candle.

Geometric yellow and white lamp shade. Target had these lamps too, but this one is from Home Depot. LOVE the touch of pattern the new shade brings!

The total for everything we purchased, including two yellow pillar candles that aren’t shown and three rolls of kids’ duck tape (yes, DUCK tape) was a little less than $100. Oddly enough all of the decorate-y type stuff we purchased was from Target’s newish Threshold line.

Although I am still a little in love with that Nate Berkus Tortoise Shell. #cheerfullywhimsical

Will I Go Back?

Obviously I liked the Target Canada soft opening enough to purchase several items, so it’s pretty likely I’ll go shopping there again. Truth be told I didn’t even look at anything but home decor items, so I can’t give you my thoughts on other departments. But Target is definitely on my list of go-to shops for decorating spaces in our house!

Have you been in to Target Canada yet? What did you love? Buy anything? Do share!  

P.S. This was NOT a sponsored post. 

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Time to Chat

  1. 1

    Petra says

    Did I shop!?! I a crazy person..and then I reminded myself Targets not going anywhere. I don’t need to buy everything today.. The store is amazing.. The choices from women’s wear to kids toys to hOuse the fantastic price of the IOGO yogurt..? Fantastic! And I love that they give back to the community and try as much as possible to carry Canadian products..

  2. 2


    I’m even more excited to go now! I didn’t know they have Starbucks in them.
    I also love the floor lamp you took a photo of, I may need one from my studio.

    thanks Shannon!

    • 3

      aka design says

      I was actually surprised to find a Starbucks in the Ajax store as it is right across the parking lot from Chapters with a Starbucks!

  3. 4

    D says

    Enjoyed reading your post and review on Target (have heard so many negatives it was nice to hear the home decorating department was promising). Great little floor lamp… just what I was looking for (and coulnd’t find ANYWHERE around here) for a young man’s room… if I may ask… do you remember the price? lol.

    Happy belated birthday!

  4. 7


    Oh how exciting! They are opening a couple of Target stores here in Edmonton and we can’t wait! They seem to carry alot of the products we’re interested in but could not find here. Thanks for sharing with us what you’ve found. 😀

  5. 9


    I’m guessing in two more trips to Target, your going to be hooked! Hooked!! We have one really close to our house and i’m there at least 2x – 3x per week! Oh just because to look around, but household stuff and pick things up here and there. Sometimes we stop in just for a Starbucks if the main Starbucks stores near us is are busy.

    Glad you had fun and liked it :)

    • 10

      aka design says

      Well I’ll definitely go back. It’s nice to see different products. And that’s a great idea if the other Starbucks are busy!

  6. 12

    Linda says

    Absolutely!! You can be sure I will go back!! Been to the US many times especially to Target.
    Went today just to stroll and check out product.
    It was too busy for me. Next week……

    • 13

      aka design says

      Ajax was busy too, but they moved us through the cash area pretty quickly. Have fun in your next visit!

  7. 14

    Urmili says

    Happy birthday Shannon!

    I visited the Milton store when it ‘soft’ opened a couple of weeks back! I loved their home decor stuff and will definitely go back when they are better stocked. I picked up 2 outdoor cushions! Did you see their fabulous prints? I thought the price was pretty reasonable too.

    – U

  8. 18

    Kim says

    I live in the states {Michigan} and could not possibly live without Target!!!!
    Our local Goodwill stores get ‘second hand’ merchandise from Target, kinda like having a second chance at the goodies! :)

  9. 20


    Hey Shannon!

    Thanks for the honest review. Nice to see a Canadian perspective :)

    I had my first trip to Target on Friday evening. The two stores in London opened on Tuesday. I was curious if you know the size of the lampshade you bought because I just found a white base at Lowes that came with a plain white shade and I’m thinking that yellow shade (which I’ve seen on a few blogs) should be the right size. It would be nice to end my lamp quest after almost 4 years of searching!

    Happy Belated Birthday!



  10. 22


    I LOVE that lamp! Its gorgeous!
    I’m going to Home Depot right now to find it. hahha

    What kind of camera do you use? I’m trying to update mine as I’m a newbie, but I’m not quite sure what people use with decor/DIY blogging?

    Any help would be great!
    Thanks :)

    • 23

      aka design says

      Most bloggers use a point and shoot when they start out and upgrade to a DSLR somewhere along the way. I use what I call a bridge camera … Not a point and shoot but not quite a DSLR. It’s a Fuji that has some functions of a DSLR – including the option to shoot in manual – but I can’t change lenses. I do plan to get a DSLR soon though. Also a tripod and natural light are your best friends when photographing for your blog! I wrote a post about this here:

  11. 25


    I’m excited about Target being in Canada! We are Canadians living in Texas and I LOVE Target here; I’m curious to see how similar the merchandise will be – hopefully we’ll be home this summer to check it out!