The Curb Appeal Series: Foundation Refacing

foundation refacing thumb

Do you remember way back in June and July when we worked on our Curb Appeal? And do you remember how stinking hot it got in July and August? Yeah. So do we. We couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to work outside in the hot sun on their curb appeal. So we saved two of our… 

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The Curb Appeal Series: THE BIG REVEAL!

Curb Appeal Before and After

Okay, we’re going to switch up this Curb Appeal thing a bit and give you all what you’ve been asking for – THE BIG REVEAL! While we still have two tutorial/DIYs for you – the Concrete Foundation Refacing and the Cedar Window Boxes, which are coming - we thought it was about time we showed you… 

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The Curb Appeal Series: The Flagstone Walkway

flagstone walkway thumb

Wouldn’t you know it that in the midst of all of our Curb Appeal projects, we had to stop and go car shopping?! Craziness at Chez Acheson, I tell ya, craziness! Anyway, if you’ve been paying attention, we’ve been talking curb appeal for the last few weeks; we shared how to get a great lawn (ours is still a… 

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Introducing The Curb Appeal Series


Today we’re starting a new series here on aka design called The Curb Appeal Series – a summer series chock full of tips, tricks & ideas for improving your home’s curb appeal. All with projects sponsored by our friends at The Home Depot! We are super excited to get going, but first…what is curb appeal? _____ Curb… 

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Planning a Kitchen Renovation


My memory of the whole kitchen planning process is just a little fuzzy - ’cause it’s been over two years since we gutted and redid our kitchen six days after we moved into our run-down little bungalow in a new town! I do know we happily worked with The Home Depot, opting to install everything ourselves with the help… 

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Our Bungalow Before & After: Kitchen {2009 & 2011}

aka design kitchen east wall before

We’ve lived in this house for just about two years. Living here now, we sometimes forget how much our bungalow has changed in that time. So we thought it would be fun to do a little series of before and afters of some of the room that have changed the most. The first before and… 

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DIY Board and Batten: Part 1


Happy Monday friends. I hope you all had a fab weekend! We’ve decided to break down the remaining living room/dining room progress into mini-topics. There are just SO many projects going now that our posts would be HUGE if we kept it all together. Capiche? First up the Board and Batten progress. We are certainly not… 

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Okay, Home Depot too?

After the last post about my designer-esque finds at Walmart today, I thought I’d check Home Depot’s site just for fun.  Now I know the big stores certainly don’t need little ol’ me to advertise for them, however, most people I know (including Hubby and I) shop at these kind of places and not often at designer boutiques. So it… 

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