Free Printable | I love you, my deer

free printable stag head framed

I’ve recently relocated my desk into the living room. When we moved to this house a year ago we figured we’d build an office in the basement. But it’s looking more like we’ll be using that space so each of the three kids can have their own rooms during their teenage years. And I think… 

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Deer Head Silhouettes | Holiday Printables

deer head silhouette printables framed

It’s that time again! Each season we like to say a huge thank you to our readers – thanks for reading our shenanigans, following along with our projects and putting up with our ramblings – with a free printable or two just for you! This Christmas, with the addition of Oliver, we are obviously fully… 

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Scripture Advent Calendar | Printable

scripture advent calendar

Would you believe that as much as I adore this season, our family has never fully embraced the Advent calendar tradition? I mean, I get it. Advent calendars are a way to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. But I don’t get all the candy and chocolate and (much like a lot of celebrations) the commercialized… 

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Create Custom Canvas Prints with Printapic


Does anyone else remember taking photos developed from film? At the risk of aging myself… The photography classes I took in college required film and darkroom development. Our wedding photos were shot with a 35mm camera. Even all of our kids baby photos are prints and film. Yeah, we’re that old. But we have (obviously) totally embraced digital now… 

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You Are My Sunshine Art DIY (Reader Favorite)

vintage you are my sunshine side

When we showed you our New Master Bedroom Progress the other day, there was curiosity about the giant You Are my Sunshine Art that now sits on our dresser.

When I first created it, it hung in our front hallway at the Bungalow:

It’s one of my favorite pieces ever!

It is a little involved to create but I totally broke it all down for you in a step by step tutorial…

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Giveaway Winner: Fancy That Design House Print


And the winner is…. You’ve won this art print from Fancy That Design House: Congrats, Lisa! Thank you Stephanie! And THANK YOU to all of YOU for commenting…some of your stories made me teary-eyed and some made me smile. You guys are the BEST! Watch for our next giveaway coming up in June!

Giveaway: Fancy That Design House Print


This giveaway is now CLOSED!!! Thank you to Stephanie and to all of you for entering. Watch for our next giveaway in June! It’s giveaway time!!! We want to know… Who wants to win an 8″x10″ art print from Fancy That Design House?     Stephanie {from Fancy That Design House} is offering all of… 

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DIY Vintage You Are My Sunshine Sign {Martha Stewart}

aka design you are my sunshine

Boy, have I got a project to share with you – I’m practically giddy with excitement for how it turned out! I hinted at the project last night … And even last Friday when I posted a sneak peak into the GIANT bag of crafting supplies we received. WOWZERS! That’s a LOT of “good things”,… 

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Free Printable Easter Place Cards

free printable with graphic

When I first planned to make a printable for you for Easter, I thought I’d just make a standard 8×10. But then I realized I had no place to display another piece that size in my own home. So instead I mixed it up a bit and made two free printable sets of place cards for… 

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Spring Cleaning: My Top 5 Tips {Plus a Free Printable Checklist}


It’s finally almost SPRING! Can you believe it? Even though winter wasn’t actually bad in our neck of the woods this year, the so-called winter months seemed to drag on forever. Anyway, since it’s just about Spring, it’s just about time for Spring Cleaning too. I don’t know about your house, but our house seems… 

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Love is… {UN-Valentine’s} FREE Printable


Boy, you all sure had some strong opinions about painting horizontal striped walls!!! I cannot belive all the replies…and you were all so opposite in your thoughts too. Some of you REALLY WANT us to paint stripes and some of you REALLY DON”T! Since it’s February already, that means Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Now,… 

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Our Bungalow Before & After: Kitchen {2009 & 2011}

aka design kitchen east wall before

We’ve lived in this house for just about two years. Living here now, we sometimes forget how much our bungalow has changed in that time. So we thought it would be fun to do a little series of before and afters of some of the room that have changed the most. The first before and… 

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Behind the Scenes: Photographing for the Contest

finished ledge

So part of the whole process of the Crafting With The Stars competition has been that all projects were anonymous. The idea behind that was so the projects that got voted for were the best ones…you know, so that big ginormous blogs couldn’t send their readers to vote for their particular project. To give the… 

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Pottery Barn Decorative Ledge Knockoff

full mantle oct 21

As promised here is a tutorial for our Pottery Barn Decorative Ledge Knockoff. Essentially the whole ledge boils down to two hollow “boxes” and some trim – and a lot of finishing. By “knocking off” the ledge, we were able to customize it to fit our space – which would have been about a foot too… 

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