Deer Head Silhouettes | Holiday Printables

deer head silhouette printables framed

It’s that time again! Each season we like to say a huge thank you to our readers – thanks for reading our shenanigans, following along with our projects and putting up with our ramblings – with a free printable or two just for you! This Christmas, with the addition of Oliver, we are obviously fully… 

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Scripture Advent Calendar | Printable

scripture advent calendar

Would you believe that as much as I adore this season, our family has never fully embraced the Advent calendar tradition? I mean, I get it. Advent calendars are a way to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas. But I don’t get all the candy and chocolate and (much like a lot of celebrations) the commercialized… 

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Create Custom Canvas Prints with Printapic


Does anyone else remember taking photos developed from film? At the risk of aging myself… The photography classes I took in college required film and darkroom development. Our wedding photos were shot with a 35mm camera. Even all of our kids baby photos are prints and film. Yeah, we’re that old. But we have (obviously) totally embraced digital now… 

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Old Barn Rescue Company Giveaway

old barn rescue company giveaway

Hello friends. How is your Monday treating you so far? Well – whether you’re having a good Monday or a not so good Monday – we’ve got a little vinyl wall decal giveaway for you… I have to say, I’ve seen a LOT of letter decals in the last few years…even at the dollar store and… 

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You Are My Sunshine Art DIY (Reader Favorite)

vintage you are my sunshine side

When we showed you our New Master Bedroom Progress the other day, there was curiosity about the giant You Are my Sunshine Art that now sits on our dresser.

When I first created it, it hung in our front hallway at the Bungalow:

It’s one of my favorite pieces ever!

It is a little involved to create but I totally broke it all down for you in a step by step tutorial…

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