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I don’t know if I’ve told you all how we’re spending our summer this year. For the last few years we’ve spent it running to and fro from one sport to another.

It got really busy two years ago and more than a little insane last year. When January 2014 rolled around, Dean and I had a long chat about how we wanted this summer to be.


He adores sports as do two of our three littles.

But that leaves one little and myself who would rather shop, go to the beach and just be in the summer without schedules and timelines.


So this summer we said no to sports and a regular schedule of activities.

That folks, is HUGE. We’ve never had a season off sports. Ever.

We bought Canada’s Wonderland season passes. So far we’ve been twice and it’s not even summer vacation yet. All three kids have tried roller coasters…and all three dislike them so far. Here’s hoping they warm up to the idea of heights and thrill rides. (And here’s hoping we have grace with them when they don’t want to try something new and exciting.)


But even if they decide roller coasters aren’t for them, the water park should be a great deal of fun when the temperatures rise. Even the non-water lover will like the lazy river.

In an effort to stay active despite no organized sports, we’ve been playing in our yard a lot with the kids. We put up a badminton net in the front and we shoot hoops in the driveway before dinner some nights. And Dean took all three kids for a long trail bike ride last Saturday, while I recovered from a sinus infection.

Summers will change soon, I’m sure. As the kids get older they will have jobs and just be around less. I want to make the most of the time we have. What are you doing this summer? Do your summers seem to go on forever? Or do they seem more fleeting each year?

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    Joelle says

    Your summer plans sound great!!! Life is short and time with our kids is even shorter. Being too busy is too much for everyone!! Family time and relax time is key!! Enjoy your summer!! Where are you, in Canada? I’m in Vancouver.