Stencilled Wall & Fall Hutch #2

How many of you love stencils? I mean the really beautiful, whole-wall stencils-that-look-an-awful-lot-like-wallpaper kind of stencils. Gorgeous.

After winning Lisa’s giveaway and stencilling our master bedroom back in August, Royal Design Studio asked us if they could send us a different stencil to review for them. Um, yes please! So off I happily giddily went to their site to choose again. I quickly fell in love with this one, called Springtime in Paris.

Regina told me that it had already been reviewed more than once, but I was head over heels.

So after patiently waiting for it to clear customs (good grief on that this time around!!!), our new stencil was waiting for us on our front porch when we came home at 10 p.m. this past Friday night. And then we had company on Saturday. What do you think I was doing all afternoon after church yesterday? (Hint: it wasn’t resting.) 😉

I wanted to stencil the dining room wall behind the buffet and hutch. I thought having the script letters peeking out from behind would be very pretty. Fortunately (just for this project) after painting a couple of weeks ago, we left a couple of  towels under the hutch (that Dean is pretty smart), so we he slid it out from the wall enough for me to work behind.

Since I was on such a tight timeline, I didn’t even have time to get any stencil adhesive. So up went the first of two stencils with painter’s tape onto a pencil line made with a level. After painting with a small roller to speed up the process, the second stencil was lined up, both with the level pencil line and with the extra letters that match up with letters from the first stencil. This was the coolest part of this particular Royal Design Studio stencil.

Then I just repeated. And repeated. And repeated. The corners were tricky, especially the bottom corner when I had to bend the stencil two ways at the same time! But it was so worth it. Using the roller instead of a stencil brush really sped up the process. I misted the roller with a small amount of water, rolled it back and forth in paint, rolled off the excess onto the slanted part of the roller tray and then rolled back and forth over the stencil. It gave a really rustic hand-painted quality to the whole thing.

We adore it!



It does make me giggle that the stencil is called Springtime in Paris…but I’ve decorated for fall. Here’s what the stencil says, for those that are curious:

Look at the boughs,
How white they are,
It’s snowing flowers!
Scoffing at the rain,
The sun dries
The weepy willow.
And the sky reflects
In the violets
Its pure colors.
The fly opens its wings
And the dragonfly
With the golden pupils,
And the wasp-like corset,
Unfolding its silky wings,
Has resumed its flight.
The water happily babbles,
The tiny fish wriggles
It’s Springtime again!

Has anyone else stencilled a wall with a French poem? Or some other script? Would you, could you? What other stencil would you like to try out? What do you think of our stencilled wall?





P.S. Rumour has it we’ll be having a Royal Design Studio giveaway really soon!!

P.S.S. We updated the photos and share this project again here.

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Time to Chat

  1. says

    Wow, that is gorgeous! (I first thought you were going to say you started stenciling on Friday night!) I would love to stencil something in my home, just not sure where yet.


  2. Sharmin says

    Oh. My. Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is so gorgeous!!! You did such a great job – I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sandy says

    Oh thank you for showing this. I have been considering this stencil for my bathroom. But really wondered about the repeat and how it would look. Love it!!!
    Now if I could just win your upcoming drawing!

    • aka design says

      The repeat works like a charm! It’s tough in corners but u hear the stencil adhesive is fab! Good luck!

  4. says

    I love it!!!!!! I have a stencil I bought some time ago and have yet to use, I’ve been thinking it may look nice in our bathroom, this really makes me want to try it out!!

  5. says

    I stumbled on your blog a couple of weeks back and absolutely LOVE it! I read thru all the archives and enjoyed all the goodness presented there. Your home is amazingly beautiful, and even tho I live in an apartment, I’m inspired to make some changes to my home decor.

    And this project, unbelievably gorgeous! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and stunning home…

  6. Mellissa says

    Gorgeous!!! I have been hemming and hawing over what to do in my bedroom and I think that would be fantastic on one of the walls!
    what a great idea!!!

  7. kathleen says

    Hi Shannon, I just wanted to tell you I love your work and design. I have a 3 piece entertainment center that will have a makeover soon. I will post pics when finished.Thanks for the inspiration !