Springtime in Paris

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Nope. We’re not going to Paris – what fun would that be though?! – I’m talking about our Royal Design Studio Springtime in Paris stencilled wall. You know, the one that looks like handpainted French script…

after up close Springtime in Paris

But it’s totally a stencil…

extra letter cutouts Springtime in Paris

We originally posted about it last fall here. Notice the pumpkins!

after again Springtime in Paris

But I really wanted to revisit the project now because it’s almost SPRING! Notice the lack of pumpkins?!

hutch with cakestands and gears clock Springtime in Paris

The stencil made the application super easy. You could use stencil adhesive; but it worked using painter’s tape to hold up the stencil too. And using a roller instead of a stencil brush really sped up the process. I misted the roller with a small amount of water, rolled it back and forth in black craft paint (I know, such a cheater!), rolled off the excess onto the slanted part of a roller tray and then rolled back and forth over the stencil. It gave a really rustic hand-painted quality to the whole thing, with just enough variations in the transparency of the paint to make it interesting.

It’s such a pretty visual addition to our dining room. We love it as much now as we did last fall when we put it up – perhaps even more now because it’s spring! If you’re wondering what the poem says, here’s the translation for you:

Look at the boughs, How white they are, It’s snowing flowers! Scoffing at the rain, The sun dries The weepy willow. And the sky reflects In the violets Its pure colors. The fly opens its wings And the dragonfly With the golden pupils, And the wasp-like corset, Unfolding its silky wings, Has resumed its flight. The water happily babbles, The tiny fish wriggles It’s Springtime again!

gears clock Springtime in Paris

Don’t you love it?! Could you see some lovely French script on any walls in your house? Have you used any Royal Design Studio stencils?

Oh and we’re doing something a little different this week; to see our favourites from last week’s DIY Link Party – come visit us on facebook!

P.S. We weren’t perked for this post, we just thought it’d be fun to share our Spring wall again – you know since it’s spring!

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