It’s official!

Our bungalow has sold and we’ll be moving into our new back-split on December 14th!

We are beyond excited…I’m pretty sure the whole town could hear our joyous shouts last night after the last papers were signed.

My thoughts are all over the place today:

  • I need to pack – and keep three kids entertained as I slowly pack away their games and toys!
  • Formal homeschool is on hold from now until the new year. Talk about extended vacation! Really though, they’ll all have reading to do and educational games (like math drills, etc). I just won’t be teaching them about the Romans and the Human Body until the new year. I’m sure we’ll catch up pretty easily.
  • What gets packed first & what gets packed last? I should know this, Dean and I have moved 7 times in our marriage.
  • Where, oh where, am I going to stack all the packed boxes?
  • What do we eat for the next three weeks that won’t make constant messes at the same time as not making us sick? This one is tough because I have always resorted to easy quick food when packing/moving, and then inevitably we either end up sick or I gain ten pounds!
  • And do we empty the pantry before we move? I hate to do that with three kids and winter coming. But in reality the store is just around the corner in case of emergency. And who wants to move all that food.
  • I will have one heck of a grocery shop to do the week before Christmas!
  • I have to transfer the phones and internet, switch the alarm system, forward the mail, talk to the lawyer…
  • Christmas shopping (save for the blanket I am making my nephew) is also going to be crammed into the week after we move. Good thing I’m not so good at planning that ahead of time anyway!
  • Dining room chairs and a table will need to be borrowed from a friend (THANK YOU to those that have offered extra ones) – because our table, chairs, banquette AND hutch are staying with this house!!! (The new house is larger, but configured differently and we were struggling with how to best utilize the dining room furniture, so when the lady buying our bungalow asked to buy them, we said yes! Dean is going to build us a new table – but that will take some time.)
  • Did I mention we are hosting my family for Christmas for two nights? Good thing we’re not a formal sort of family.
  • I can’t wait to move in to see how we use the space and then maximize it – I’m so excited for the extra space and another kitchen to remodel!!!

Well, I should go and tackle… something! We’ll post pics of the new place soon. The current owner is still living there, so it will only be Realtor photos for now. But that should give you all an idea of what we’ll be working with!




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    Congratulations!! I know you are so excited and overwhelmed! We moved into our house one week before Christmas last year. I had to put up the tree twice. LOL Somehow you will get it all done! :)

  2. 2

    Laura says

    So Exciting! Can’t wait to see what you do with the new place! BTW… Lowe’s has giant rubber totes on sale next week for less that $4 a piece. If you run out of boxes, it’s a pretty good way of packing and since they are much more reusable, it could be seen as a cost saver in the long run!

    • 3

      aka design says

      Thanks, Lady! We appreciate that. We’re borrowing some boxes for free, but some stuff would be much better suited to totes than boxes – like extra decorating stuff. xo.

  3. 6


    Ok here are my instructions
    1. Eat your way through the pantry, but stock up on fresh fruits and veggies. No needs to eat fast food just because you are moving. Just get creative!
    2. Pack up all non essentials like knick knacks, summer clothing, extra dishes etc. Leave unpacked only enough dishware/cookware/toiletries/clothing to last u the three weeks!
    3. Start with one room and then move all the furniture to one wall in that room. Then stack your boxes against a now-cleared wall. Keep everything labeled in case you need to get something out of one.

    Good luck! moving always sucks but I am sure if u plug away a little each day (like set daily goals such as clearing all the shelves in one room) it will be painless!

  4. 8

    Barbara in CT says

    1. Raw veggies and hummus dip. (Soup and healthy bread)
    2. Christmas gifts for kids–just not as many and round out with experiences such as dinner in a fun place with the whole family.
    3. Label, label, label.

    Can hardly wait to see your new home and even more, how you make it fabulous.

  5. 10


    We have moved sooooo many times, and while it’s not fun, it is also an opportunity for freshness.

    Have you checked Craigslist for free boxes? I always get mine there.

    If you keep Internet up until the last, you can have your kids go to places like Vocabulary Spelling City. Vocabulary Is Fun, and Learning Games for Kids to keep up some of their skills. All the sites are free to use and the games are very , very good.


  6. 15


    Congratulations on the sale of your house! As someone who is also moving in the middle of December…I share your unanswered questions and feel your pain! Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

  7. 17

    Lisa says

    Congratulations! Hopefully it is not too cold when you move.Our worst move was done right over new years and we packed everything in 2 days! Plus it was very cold. Can’t wait to see your new place.