Sliding Barn Door Plans

This is the last day of tutorials in our Barn Door Week – and it’s a good one! Tomorrow we will share a round up of a few of our favorite DIY Barn Doors. 


Dean and I really wanted to give you clear instructions for making your own barn door. We went back and forth between step by step instructions and a drawing. In the end we decided it would be best to provide old-school hand-drawn plans. Just click on the plan image below and you’ll be taken to a printable PDF. (Please remember this is for your own personal use and can’t be sold or otherwise modified or distributed.)



  • scooter wheels (with rubber removed) or pulley wheels (disassembled pulleys) qty=2
  • 1-1/4″ x  1/4″ x 86-1/8″ long steel flat bar qty=2
  • 1-1/2″ x 1/4″ x 84″ long steel flat bar qty=1
  • 3″ x 1/8″ x 84″ long steel flat bar qty=1
  • 1/2″ x 1/16″ x 2″ long steel tubing qty=7
  • 2″ x 6″ x 48″ long wood qty=15
  • fitting black iron floor flange 1″ qty=4
  • fitting black iron 90 degree elbow 1″ qty=4
  • black steel pipe nipple 1″ x close qty=4
  • black steel pipe nipple 1″ x 16″ long qty=2
  • 1/4″ x 1-1/2″ long plated lag bolts qty=60
  • 5/16″ x 3-1/2″ long plated lag bolts qty=7
  • #12 x 1-1/4″ long screws qty=16
  • 5/16″ x 2″ long – 18 thread plated hex bolts qty=2
  • 5/16″ – 18 thread plated hex nuts qty=2
  • 5/16″ plated flat washers qty=4
  • Minwax Dark Walnut stain
  • Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint
  • white or light grey paint
  • water
  • sandpaper

NOTE: Once you’ve drilled all the holes and before assembly, spray paint all of the metal flat bar, the wheels and the lag nuts and bolts with oil-rubbed bronze.  Let dry.

Barn Door Plans jpg

If you have any questions, give us a shout in the comments and we’ll try to walk you through them. :)

Click on the links below to be taken to each step to build your own DIY Barn Door and DIY Barn Door Track That Won’t Break the Bank!

  1. Instructions for Grey Wash Wood Finish
  2. Pipe Fitting Handle Instructions
  3. Sliding Barn Door Plans (YOU ARE HERE!)

Or click here for our original Upcycled Barn Door Reveal.

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Time to Chat

  1. 2

    Antoinette Gibson says

    Did you get the steel flat bars at home depot/lowe’s? How much did the overall project cost?

  2. 11

    Tatyana says

    This is such a beautiful door! Thank you for sharing, Shannon! I was wondering if the tracks can be attached to the ceiling and if so, what modifications to the plans I should make? Thank you!

  3. 15

    Darla says

    Hi there,
    Great tutorial. Now that you’ve lived with them for a while are they holding up well? Any issues?

    • 18


      Just a kid’s scooter. Dean removed the rubber and was left with what you see. If they are solid enough, maybe. Scooter wheels are meant to hold the weight of a kid, lawnmower wheels are only meant to hold up a small motor.

    • 20


      I’ll have to ask Dean – he’s buying the groceries! I’ll get back to you. (If – heaven forbid – I forget, message me again, okay?)

      • 21 says

        hi, what did dean say about cutting the flat bar and also home depot and lowes only carry 4 foot flat bar….. where did you guys find yours? I will have to send you a picture when its all done, I’m pregnant and nesting with this baby girl (baby #8) !!! trying to complete this project this weekend and then paint baseboards and the…REST till shes here!

        • 22


          Hi there! Congrats on baby #8 coming. Dean is #6 of 8. Dean says you can use an angle grinder or jigsaw with a metal cutting blade (designed to cut metal). As for the length, where do you live? We got our metal bar from Metal Supermarket. Do you have one of those near you?

  4. 24

    Gisa Ott says

    I have a question on the size of the pallet slats — in the itemized list of materials, it says, “…2″ x 6″ x 48″ long wood qty=15…” I have access to many different size pallets, but none are 2″ thick. The standard pallet slat thickness is less than 1″. In a lumber yard, a standard 2×4 or 2×6 is not really 2″ either. Am I over-thinking this?

    • 25


      The boards are 1.5″ thick. You are correct 2″x6″s aren’t actually 2″ thick. These boards are from heavy duty pallet used for shipping thousands of pounds of steel sheets.

  5. 26


    Thanks for the great instructions, we finished our wood today and will pick up the metal and hardware tomorrow, looks like we’ll do the whole thing for about $100 !!! One question though, I’ve been over these plans and photos again and again but I can’t figure out what the 16 #12 screws are for? Again, thanks, I hope mine looks half as good as yours.

  6. 28

    Amanda Ristow says

    The door looks beautiful! I was hoping to do something like this for our bathroom door and I am curious if there is a big gap between the wall and the barn door?

  7. 30

    Mike says

    Door looks great. Is there any hardware needed to keep the door from tilting and banging into the wall when opening/closing the door?

    • 31


      Not if you close it gently. The track is designed to be out from the wall a bit. If you’re rough on it or have small kids, you may need to figure out a solution. Our kids are bigger and aren’t allowed to play with it.

  8. 32

    Jenny says

    I LOVE THIS DOOR. I’m planning on doing this in my house. A couple questions. How do you have the wheels staying on this track? The door will be quite heavy and I have kiddos. I want to be sure the wheels (and door) stay on the track. Also, I do love the picture instructions but do you happen to have step by step directions in words. I think it would be very helpful to me. Thank you for your inspiration.


    • 33


      The wheels are grooved and the groove sits on the flat bar. The weight of the door keeps it from falling off. Someone would have to be VERY strong to lift it off the track. Obviously be careful with this type of door and young children. Unfortunately, the steps are many, so the illustration was the best way to share the how-to. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  9. 34

    Regina says

    I’ve been looking at doors like this bc in my bathroom there’s no room for a regular door to open in. Apparently when who ever added my bathroom into the house they didn’t think ab the fact that the ceiling is on a tilt, which is why a door can’t open in! Anyways my door way is way smaller and I have less room to allow a thick track/wall brace. Do u know how I’d make the gap between the track bar and wall brace smaller? We just redone the bathroom itself, now I just need the door lol I ❤️ UR idea btw!!

  10. 36

    Scott says

    When ordering the Steel Flat Bar pieces, they offer both cold rolled and hot rolled. Do you know which would be the better choice here? Is one easier to drill through and one or the other better at holding the paint? Thanks for the help!

      • 38


        Hot rolled has the rustic look – it’s a bit more porous. It’s slightly harder to drill through. Cold rolled is smoother like stainless would be. He recommends hot rolled for the look and you likely won’t notice the difference in drilling.

  11. 40

    Ryan says


    Great, great door design. I am in the process of putting my door together, but I’m having trouble finding wheels that will work for the track. Will replacement wheels for a Razor scooter work? Or what kind of scooter wheels did you use on this project?


    • 41


      Hmm. Just scooter wheels. I don’t know scooter wheel construction really well. You’d have to pull off the rubber to see if the groove is good enough. My guess is that it would be!

      • 42

        Ryan says

        I’m going with garage door pulleys for starters. I didn’t want to spend on scooter wheels that may or may not work at this point. I will let you know how they work out!

        I have my track installed — I had to use 4.5″ screws instead of 3.5″ ones in order to grab enough stud to help me sleep at night, haha. With the half inch of drywall considered, there was less than a half an inch of screw getting into the studs.

        But our door looks amazing. I can’t wait until we finally hang it!


        • 43


          Try whatever works for you…we just happened to have a broken scooter, so we used wheels we had. :) And yes, definitely use longer screws if necessary.

  12. 44

    Kristy freeman says

    is there any way you can send step by step instructions on the rail system ? It’s hard to figure out by the drawing

  13. 45

    ilona says

    Hi there,

    Your barn door is beautiful!
    Just wondering if you made a frame or you mounted the pallet wood on a sheet of plywood. n

    • 46


      The pallet wood is held together by the metal strapping and bolts. We put it together laying down and then just lifted it up and hung it on the rails.

      • 47

        Kelsey says

        Wow, this looks amazing! I wasn’t sure in your materials list what the metal strapping is called. Could you let me know?

  14. 48


    HI Shannon, How are the wheels holding up? I am a little concerned about all of the weight of the door hanging on one side of the wheels. Also, are you having any problems with the supporting straps bending where the wheels attach?

    • 49


      Hi Ed. Dean has worked in sheet metal for 23 years, so to say he knows metal is an understatement! We have therefore had no issues with either the wheels or the strapping given the specific gauge of metals we used. If you stray from our plan and go with something different you may have issues. :)

  15. 50

    Amy Miller says

    What is the 1/2″ x 1/16″ x 2″ long steel tubing qty=7 used for? I didn’t see that on the diagram. Thanks!!