Simple DIY Cake Stand

Have you any aluminum plant pots kicking around?

You know those little Ikea numbers?

What about a round silver serving tray?



What do you get when you put an Ikea pot and an old silver tray together?

How about a cake stand?!

Looks an awful lot like this one which cost about $20 at Homesense.

Wanna make your own?

DIY Cake Stand


  • Ikea plant pot (Socker)
  • thrifted silver tray
  • glue gun & glue
  • primer
  • spray paint  (I used Rust Oleum Painter’s Touch in Blossom White)
  1. Flip tray upside down on a table. Using hot glue, affix the pot to center of the bottom of the tray. Let dry for a minute or two.
  2. In a well-ventilated area spray entire piece with primer. Let dry according to directions.
  3. Over the primer, apply one to two coats of paint. Follow dry times on can.


  • pot $1.99
  • tray $5 (there are stacks of these at thrift stores)
  • primer and paint $2 (MAX. hardly used any paint and primer)
  • glue stick $0 (on hand)


If you’re lucky you may even score a silver tray with the divided glass dish still intact!

Why is that lucky, you ask?

Because then you can use it to add some height to your buffet table…

Any way you use it, this Simple DIY Cakestand is super thrifty and super handy!

What else could you make from thrifted finds? Any other cake stand ideas?

P.S. I would suggest not putting food directly onto painted surface. Use a pie plate, a napkin or something. M-kay?


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    Love that idea!! It looks so fantastic and it’s a great size. PS: if you want someone to take your homesense one off you hands, I’d be happy to. 😉 DH broke one of mine {he was totally in the dog house!}