RH-Inspired Brickmaker’s Table

Dean and I have talked of making a larger coffee table for our living room for awhile now. So when we were chosen as one of twelve contestants (out of 299 entries!) for Creating With The Stars 2014 and were told that the first round was Knockoffs – we knew exactly what we were going to build!


For those of you that guessed this was our table – good job! And if you happened to vote for us – THANK YOU!

Our inspiration was Restoration Hardware’s Brickmaker’s Table. Gorgeous reclaimed wood top atop a rustic metal base. So much rustic industrial goodness in one table.


We don’t have a tutorial for you yet, but we can tell you that we totally cheated and made our table with wood legs painted to look like metal! Dean COULD have made the base metal, but given the time constraints and the fact that we wanted to be able to share a DIY that anyone could do, wood made much more sense.


Also because #cwts is a contest that requires anonymity, I spent all of last Saturday morning shopping for new things to stage the table with. Then I spent an hour Monday night returning things we decided not to keep. Good times. Some really cool coasters, a lantern and these perfectly aged-looking crown bookends stayed. (I knew the bookends were keepers when Dean said, “so, are you keeping those? They’re nice.”)

urban barn crown book ends


Now that the cat is out of the bag, we can also show you the table IN our living room. Surrounded by our things. You know, sort of where we built it for! (WARNING: PHOTO OVERLOAD)




The living room has come a long way since last year, yes?

living room may 2013 south view


So there you have it. Our version of the Restoration Hardware Brickmaker’s Table. We will try to have a tutorial for you soon…but now we have another project to do for Round 2!

What do you think? Do you like the wood legs made to look like metal? What about the top and those great bolts in the sides?

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Time to Chat

  1. 3


    I had a very hard time deciding on who to vote for, but your table won my heart! Exactly my style of furniture and styled so beautifully, I do have a weakness for awesome vignettes. 😉

    Excellent job, I am so happy for you guys, well deserved! Good luck on the next round, I know you will hold your own!!! xo

    • 24


      We will as soon as we can! We are trying to keep things normal for the kids and our family while we crank out projects for each new round of the #cwts2014 contest.

  2. 27

    Katie Goldsworthy says

    Seriously so beautiful!!! What a fantastic project! Thanks for sharing it on Monday Funday!

  3. 31

    Kayla Seah says

    Such a great table! Perfect combination of materials. I’ve been looking at a similar piece at a boutique here in Berlin — after seeing how awesome this looks in your living room, I might have to go ahead and buy it.

  4. 35


    This is so well done! Congratulations! I love RH anything…. How long did it take to make and what brand of stain is the sawdust stain in the photos? Beautiful work!

  5. 37

    Kathie Hood says

    I honestly like your reversion much better than the Pottery Barn one. I like the shape, legs etc better. Great job!!

  6. 39


    Congratulations on you making it to the next round. I actually found this page through your instagram photo because I wanted to make this table. My hubby actually went out and bought the wood for the legs. What kind of paint did you use for the legs to make it look like black metal?

  7. 42

    Michelle says

    Hi! I just found your fabulous blog from Pinterest when I came across this table. I love it and want to make one for my living room! I don’t see the tutorial. Has it been posted yet? Thanks and great job!