Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Three of my personal decorating pet peeves (come on, you have them too) have been solved!

At our old house we had a giant chalkboard painted on the wall in the kids’ playroom. Sort of like the one below.


The first problem with chalkboards is the dust from the chalk. It gets everywhere. Literally. And that stuff is not easy to clean up. But finally there are dustless chalks! Crayola sells theirs for $1.99 for a giant box.

Problem one solved.


The second problem is the lack of chic readily available colours. At most places chalkboard paint pretty much comes in black or green. Black, okay. Green? Yuck.

The third problem is the cost. Sure in the big scheme of things, chalkboard paint is still fairly inexpensive. But when you want to go and do a little diy project and the can of chalkboard paint costs $18+ – sort of puts a damper on it. Know what I mean?

SO why not MAKE YOUR OWN chalkboard paint? In any colour YOU want??

Thanks to a tweet today by Charlie from Attempting Aloha (also the CSI project), I was prompted to do a little investigating. Turns out making your own chalkboard paint has been whispered about online for at least a couple of years – check here  (scroll down through the comments) and here!


Today I’ve got the secret ingredient for you. Okay, so it’s not a secret. Party poopers. But it isn’t widely shared. Ready?

Non-sanded tile grout. Yup. Powdered Grout.

Just mix 2 tablespoons non-sanded grout with 1 cup of acrylic paint (ANY colour!)


(source – 2 photos)

Now if only someone could tell me how to DIY/MYO some magnetic paint. 😉

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    Well, I don’t know of a way that you can DIY magnetic paint but luckily you can paint a few coats of that and then paint over it with your chalkboard paint. Then it will be magnetic, chalkboard *and* your pretty color all in one.

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    Sharmin says

    Thank you so much for sharing this great information – I can’t wait to try it out asap! I just know that this is going to be an awesome!

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    rk says

    I found your site recently and am thoroughly enjoying all your creative ideas/projects. Regarding chalks, may I suggest that you can buy bistro chalk pens in any color? That’s what cafes/bistros use to make their sign boards in front of their establishments. They allow you to write easily and draw intricate patterns, no smell nor dust! I bet you know this already since I am commenting on an old post here…. From a fellow Canadian living in the US :)