Q&A: Jenny from City Cottage

A little while back we took a short road trip to a little shop called City Cottage, where store owner Jenny refinishes and sells thrifty treasures. Dressers, dining sets, beds, mirrors, tables and benches. Oh my!

If you’re a fan of the shabby chic or farmhouse look, you will lurve Jenny’s store!



Doesn’t it look delicious?!



I asked Jenny a few questions, which she so kindly answered for us.

ME: When did you open your shop?
Jenny: Almost a year and a half ago. But I have been doing this as a side dream job, for almost 10 years now.

ME: What made you choose shabby chic as a style?
Jenny: It’s so simple, stylish and warm.


ME: Where do you find your pieces?
Jenny: EVERYWHERE, it’s a constant treasure hunt. The best part of what I do. :)

ME: Where do you go for inspiration?
Jenny: I get inspiration from everywhere; I am a huge lover of blogs and other shabby chic style shops and websites.


ME: What’s your favourite paint colour/brand?
Jenny: Whites, blues, grays. No brand. Just whatever color makes me smile.


ME: Do you ever have trouble parting with a piece because you love it so much?
Jenny: NOPE, hah I have been told that I should try and keep things for my self, but I love the feeling of someone bringing it home and loving it and City Cottage.

ME: What is your background (school/training)?
Jenny: Life, passion and amazingly strong woman. I went to school for healthcare and this was my fun dream job, painting and decorating for other shops and my home.


City Cottage is now also offering custom painting for your furniture…in case you’re not quite as hands-on-DIY as we are! And if you happen to be out Bowmanville way, be sure to stop into City Cottage. Tell Jenny we said “hi”!

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Time to Chat

  1. 1

    Harper Fitzsimmons says

    I just discovered this site 5 minutes ago and can now see I will get nothing done today!

    LOVE IT!

    Please……send me every and anything you have….


  2. 3


    Hi, do you know if this store still exists? I can’t seem to find anything about it online (like the address!) and I wanted to stop in when I’m in Toronto next.


    ps, love your blog :)

    • 4

      aka design says

      Thanks! Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find out anything and I don’t believe the store exists anymore. :(