Putting on the Christmas Tree Star

When we moved in on Friday night, the Christmas tree was one of the first things to go up. Granted it stood with no lights or decorations for a few days. But it was up!

Yesterday Dean came home early for his birthday. Well really he came home early because he had to renew his license, health card and car plate stickers. But we were happy to see him earlier than normal.

The girls and I had finished putting the decorations on the tree in the morning, so when Dean got home, we took advantage of the sunshine to take our annual photo of Dean and Jonah putting up the Christmas tree star.


Unfortunately the sunshine made it impossible to see the star, but it’s there, I promise. We actually used this one from Home Depot this year. It’s still a star like last year’s but it’s bigger and a little more sparkly.

And just for fun, how about a couple more, Jonah and Dean putting on the star pics?



I’m off to unpack my camera and take some photos of this year’s Christmas tree. Although I should probably unpack other stuff first…


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