There’s a New Shop in Town Called PlaidFox

Okay so maybe not “in town” exactly. But there is a new shop online and they have all sorts of gorgeous goodies for your home!

PlaidFox Industrial Favorites

Barbary Coast Cart Table | Camfer I | Celestine Ceiling Lamp Twine | Gilbert Galvanized Clock | Helix Chair Rustic WoodHartford Dining Table Distressed Wood | Toro Chair Charcoal | Square Ottoman | The Mid Century Rocking Chair Beige

And get this – they’re Canadian! 

(No fear, they totally ship to the U.S. as well.)

Oh. Em. Gee.

Can you believe it?

I may be just a wee bit excited.

Can you tell? (I’m trying really hard not to use all those annoying blogger words like amazeballs, awesomesauce and swoon. ‘Cause well, they’re annoying. But I am THAT excited.)


Aside from drool-worthy products not previously available in Canada (at least not at such great prices) PlaidFox also has a Style Test tool that really helps nail down your style. You know, if you’re a little unsure of yourself and your design preferences. Or if you just don’t know how to describe what you like.

One of our major goals with PlaidFox is to provide our community with the necessary resources to turn even the unlikeliest people into master decorators of their homes.”

Style Test | PlaidFox

The test is completely visual and has you choose what image you like best in a series of fifteen questions. Of course it’s not like a real test because you can’t fail. But you could be on your way to knowing your decor preferences a whole lot better.

Now I’m quite partial to Urban Industrial style furnishings and decor – which the test totally confirmed (smart test!). But PlaidFox also has decor items that range from Mid-Century Modern to Coastal to French Country and everything in between.

The Axel Chair

The Axel Chair

gaffert ii

Gaffertt II

wooden shoe

Wooden Shoe (Form)

Indian Vessel Light

Indian Vessel Light B

Plus a few one of a kind items thrown in for good measure!


What are you waiting for? Get yourself over to, take the Style Test and have a look around. I’d love to know what style you are!

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