Painted Union Jack Canvas

So if you read any other blogs in blogland, you probably know about the Pinterest Challenge that Sherry, Katie, Lana and Emily issued last week.

Now, I am quite fond of Pinterest. However apparently at 108 pins, I have nowhere near as many pins as some. Ahem! But that doesn’t mean I can’t whip up a Pinterest-inspired project on the spur of the moment in the name of a good challenge!

My inspiration photo:

{via here and originally here}

See that Union Jack in the middle? Don’t you just love the aged look of it? I figured that after our PB Numbers Canvas knock off, I could pull off a little Union Jack canvas love too! Oh and I figure why not make it a DIY tutorial at the same time! {See, do I love you guys or what!?}

Basically you’ll need:

  • white, navy blue and crimson red craft paint
  • canvas
  • pencil, ruler, eraser
  • paint brushes
  • sand paper or sanding block
  • Behr Faux Glaze medium and a couple of drops of burnt umber craft paint

First you’ll draw out your Union Jack pattern in pencil. I started with the ‘T’ in the middle, adding the ‘x’ after.


Then paint each section bit by bit. I started with the white, then blue then filled in the red. Let dry. {If you’re impatient – um, hello! – blow dry with a hair dryer.}

Sand with your sandpaper or sanding block. Just enough to rough it up and distress it a bit, but not enough to rub all the paint off.

Mix a few drops of burnt umber paint with some glazing medium.

With a large brush, brushing in the same direction (either all up and down or all side to side), coat canvas with glaze. Let dry.

That’s all folks! {Did ya’ll picture bugs bunny just now?}

What do you think? How ’bout you? Any Pinterest Challenge projects?

P.S. Don’t forget about our very own linky party going on. Feel free to link up your own Pinterest Challenges to that linky party too!

P.S.S. We seem to have a lot of P.S.’s going on lately, yes?

P.S.S.S. On the topic of P.S.’s, don’t you just love the movie P.S. I Love You? I know, I know –  pretty off-topic.

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