What Would You Do With a Year’s Supply of Paint?

There’s this contest, see. Five Canadian bloggers will be chosen by Para Paints to be part of their Blog Crew. Said bloggers will receive a year’s supply of paint with which to work their magic.

Holy creativity, Batman!

What would you do with a year’s supply of paint? What projects would you tackle? What spaces would you make more beautiful? More you?

Oh the possibilities!

Here are just a few things we’d slap some paint on if someone just happened to give us, say, oh 15 gallons of paint…give or take. :)

If you’ve followed us on Pinterest for long, you’ll know we’ve been pinning pantries like a mad couple. And not just your run of the mill wall of cupboards – full on walk-in pantries. Well, there’s a reason for that, a method to our madness if you will: Dean and I have secretly been planning a walk-in pantry! Where you ask, in our little bungalow, are we going to put that? Ah, that is still a secret! But a new pantry needs new paint, yes? Potential colour: Para Paints Sarah Richardson Linen. Shelving shown: Home Depot


A new walk-in pantry, deserves a fabulous pantry door, don’t you think? A vintage door with a window perhaps. Or a new door painted in a gorgeous colour. And definitely some rustic bronze hardware. Mmm. Potential colour: Para Paints Sarah Richardson Ocean Liner. Glass knob and hardware shown: House of Antique Hardware.


True Story: two very different little girls share the same room. Two years ago they were thrilled with pink and green and cute. Fast forward to today and they’re two years older, two years closer to becoming teenagers. Time for a change. Still pink, but a bit more sophisticated. Potential colours: Para Paints Sarah Richardson Shoreline & Peppercorn. Bed Linens shown: Bouclair


Our master bedroom closet needs doors – ’cause open storage is only good for some things (no one needs to be privy to our folded unmentionables)! Since we want to keep a lot of character in our smallish room, we’re scheming up some barn style sliding doors. Much like the ones in our son’s room. Only lighter and brighter. Potential colour: Para Paints Sarah Richardson Seagrass.


I bet we could probably paint a whole assortment of other projects big and small that we haven’t even thought of yet!

Okay, we shared what we’d paint. Now tell us what you’d paint. You know, should the paint fairies drop gallons of paint on your doorstep. How many projects have you got floating around in your brain? What else do you think WE should paint?

**Para Paints is having a contest for BlogPodium attendees. Five bloggers will be selected to be part of the Para Paints Blog Crew and will be supplied with a year’s supply of paint to complete several projects and then blog about them. Maximum 15 gallons of paint. Winners to be announced at Blogpodium on May 26th.


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  1. 1


    Can’t wait to see your NEW pantry!
    15 Gallons of paint!! Wow! First I start with the stained trim that’s that ugly 50’s orangy varnish, everywhere in my house. Then I’d jazz up the walls in my blue and white themed bedroom to a lovely chartreuse. Then, I’d make a stop in the ‘laundry room’ and give it a big of pizzazz. How’s that for a start?

  2. 3


    The first thing I would do is paint the living/kitchen/dining/room of the apartment we live in. It is an open plan with ceiling open to the 2nd story. The landlord did not paint after the last tenant and we have been here 7 years and he refuses to paint and we can’t afford to do it.

  3. 5


    My bedroom a lovely soft dusty blue. It is papered right now and has 9 foot ceilings so we will need a lot of help to tackle it. Someday……

  4. 7


    #1 Paint the Mud Room Walls and ceiling with one color and then the small door leading into the “pantry room” another
    #1A Paint the two doors leading into the Kitchen and the one leading outside
    #2 Paint the ceiling in the bathroom so that it would finally be finished
    #3 Paint the Living Room ceiling and also the baseboards
    #3A Stain the Living Room Floor
    #4 Paint the kichen Walls
    #4A Paint the kitchen ceiling
    #4B Paint the kitchen cupboards
    #4C Paint the door in the kitchen leading to the basement so that it matches all the other ones in the house
    #5 Paint the ceiling, after priming the ceiling in the dining room
    #6 Repaint the Dining Room walls so Roy doesn’t lose his mind over the existing color
    #6A Paint the crown moulding in the Dining Room that Roy still needs ot install and the baseboards
    #6B Continue the stain from the Living Room into the Dining Room
    #7 Paint the Staircase and Hall walls and ceiling as it ihas been drywall with no primer for over 34 years!
    #8 finally paint the master bedroom
    #9 Paint the exterior of the house so it is no longer half red brick and have cheap cream colored but stained siding!

  5. 9


    Oh, how exciting to dream of things like this. Can one ever have too much paint?? Here are the first few things that come to mind. #1: Our circa 1967 main bathroom. #2: Our basement family room #3 Our dining room needs a little splash of something… I could go on and on. But, we’ll leave at that for now.

  6. 11

    Ella says

    First I start with the stained trim that’s that ugly 50′s orangy varnish, everywhere in my house. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. 13

    Sheri C says

    First thing would be the outside of our house, at the moment it is a lovely pinky peach with forest green trim. Yes, when we moved here two years ago I would tell people you can’t miss it, it’s the pink house, the sad thing the previous owners just had it painted this colour before they put it on the market. I am thinking the paint was on sale somewhere, because these two colours DO NOT go together. YUCK! We had the Benjamin Moore lady here to help pick paint colours and she laughed when she pulled up. I laugh too. Luckily our house is a bungelow and I think we can get enough friends and relatives to have a painting party one weekend (with lots of beer thrown in).

  8. 15


    I will start with kitchen cabinets, then bathroom . you know If you are ever thinking of selling your house, the 2 best areas to renovate that appeals to new homeowners are kitchen cabinets and bathrooms.