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It’s been awhile since we did a Trash to Treasure makeover around here. Since there are four of us (KariAnne, Jamie, Jenna and I) that do Trash to Treasure, one scheduling conflict or another makes this the first T2T this year!


My Project

Sooo, I had my project ready to go for February, but like I mentioned schedules just wouldn’t cooperate. Which means you may have already seen it, just because I couldn’t get around including it in a few posts over the last month. :)

chalkboard wall

See that clock?

It used to look like this:



It was given to us by a friend, who had it given to them. I’m pretty sure no-one knew what to do with it. It looks a little like a Roman shield, or something.

I decided paint might help!



  • metal clock
  • paint
  • brush


1. Place clock on cardboard and paint.

2. There is no step two! It’s that easy.

The paint color I used is the same as the hutch I painted (Grey Tweed) before Christmas, lightened (for interest) with a little white craft paint. Yes, craft paint!

Now it fits in with the rest of the taupe grey in our cottage farmhouse style dining room!


Tip: Look at the shape of something and not the color. Paint can fix a multitude of uglies!

Their Projects

See what you can make from someone else’s discarded “trash”?! Speaking of which, go see what my bloggy girls made this month:

duck-tape-curtains- thumbnail

Duck Tape Trim Curtains – Rain on a Tin Roof


DIY Ruffled Tablecloth – So Much Better With Age


Spring Front Door Decorating – Thistlewood Farms

Have you upcycled anything yet this year? Made something old new again?

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Time to Chat

  1. Jedi Mama says

    Well… you kind of rocked that clock, didn’t you?! (Which now makes me want to sing the theme song from “Happy Days,” because my brain makes strange connections!) Seriously, your “trash to treasure” project turned out brilliantly wonderful. You amaze me. When I saw the snapshot of the clock’s BEFORE LOOK, I was all, “I would have passed that sucker by and never seen any potential in it.” And then blam! You’ve repainted it and hung it in that DROOL-WORTHY DINING ROOM Y’ALL HAVE UP NORTH, and suddenly the clock is exquisite. Well played. Again.