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AKA Design Media Kit Page 1 March 11

How to Make a Media Kit

If you’re a blogger and you want to work with brands, chances are at some point you’re going to be asked for a media kit. If you don’t know what that is or the term stresses you out, no worries. Here’s a simple explanation: A blogger’s media kit shows followers, social media handles, rates & partnerships. Click To… 

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The Summer Kitchen Mudroom

This was a wide open little room with too many doors and no heat, no storage and no style of any kind. Laurie and her husband Bud transformed it into a warm entrance into their home with custom built-ins and board and batten trim. This little room always gets a reaction in addition to the… 

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simple DIY project

Hoo’s There? (A Simple DIY)

Our current in-progress house projects include our kitchen and master bedroom. While we’re working on both rooms simultaneously, we’re also still living life – one of our goals in renovating this house vs the last was that we don’t quit life for projects. Sometimes that means that progress is small, at least in one space at… 

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SNAP! Conference

  There is something a bit different about being a creative blogger…Instead of dissecting life and examining the pieces like many online writers, we’re busy dreaming, sharing and building things up. We inspire one another and when we connect in ways that comfort and sustain, it is something truly extraordinary. That is why we launched… 

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Haven Conference

  Haven Conference is the place to celebrate that DIY spirit. It is where DIY lovers from all over will gather together to encourage and learn from one another. You will find hands-on sessions led by some of the top DIY bloggers who will share their knowledge on subjects such as painting furniture and using power tools. For those of… 

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Blissdom Canada

BlissDom Canada is your Conference. A gathering for women (and men!) in social media in Canada developed in 2010. Our aim was to bring together Canadian bloggers, social media specialists, relevant brands and agency folks,and to support and celebrate a community based on solid common ground. With sessions, parties, round tables, brands and networking discussions, BlissDom Canada helped everyone in the Canadian… 

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BlogPodium is a series of ongoing conferences and small workshops for Design & Lifestyle Bloggers. The first conference of it’s kind in Canada, BlogPodium’s goal is to connect people together, collaborate with each other and of course, have a great time.

Mom Blog to Money Blog

The Mom Blog to Money Blog online training workshop is for women who have been blogging for at least 3 months and want to know EVERYTHING Laurie Turk has learned in the past 5 years earning money online.  

Bright Bold Nursery

This room began as a spare bedroom, became Kelly’s office, and now it is her little man’s nursery. With crown molding, paint, book ledges, new furniture and lots of love this room is perfect for Kelly and Kevin’s little bundle. Visit Corner of Main for more of Kelly’s Bright Bold Nursery.  

Shoot Fly Shoot

A combined effort of Kevin Palmer (of The Lettered Cottage) and Josh Moates,shootFLYshoot is an online video training class for those that want to improve their DSLR skills. With classes like Photography 101, Photography 102, Photoshop Elements 10 and Photoshop Touch Up, they makes learning photography easy for visual learners!

Kristin Duke Photography

Kristin Duke is a blogger and photographer extraordinaire! With two books, workshops, a blog and mentoring services available, she can help you get your photography skills up to par in no time.

Content Brew

In Content Brew, you’ll learn how to plan & create fresh content ideas for your blog, Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also learn ways to find content to share and tools to make doing all of this easier. At the end of this course, you’ll have anywhere from a month to a quarter’s worth of content planned… 

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A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess offers a plethora of ecourses for bloggers and creatives. With ecourses like Blog (Design) Love, Blog Love, and Dream Job, Elsie and Emma cover a range of topics.



No one likes cold calls at dinnertime, junk mail overflowing your mailbox, and advertisements that interrupt your favorite shows. If this is “marketing,” then the world would probably prefer whatever is the opposite of that. If you’re ready to stop marketing and start engaging, then welcome to UnMarketing.

Recipe For Press

Recipe for Press is the DIY guide to being your own publicist by Amy Flury. Written by a longtime editor and freelance writer, Recipe for Press is THE DIY guide to being your own publicist and shows you how to engage today’s influencers and inspire them to write about your brand.



There’s a reason why the first two editions of Problogger have sold thousands of copies worldwide. Written by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett, two of the world’s most successful bloggers, it’s one of the clearest books out there on how to earn an income from your blog.

Blue Gray Bedroom

Cynthia’s bedroom is an oasis, a place to relax and unwind. The pale blue walls are a nice backdrop for the steel greys and pops of black, and for an unexpected touch… how about an antique clock from 1796. The apothecary lights run down the hall and into the master bathroom where she used a… 

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