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  • Little Drummer Boy Silhouette Cut Out – Kraft – Set of 5
  • Fancy Pantry Definition Clear Label – Corn Starch
  • Fancy Pantry Definition Clear Label – Coffee-Instant
  • Oak Leaves Silhouette Cut Out – Kraft – Set of 5
  • Wonderful Silhouette Cut Out – Kraft – Set of 5
  • Paper Straws Pkg of 25 – Red Stripe
  • I Love You My Deer 8″x10″ Art Print
  • Reindeer Silhouette Cut Out – Kraft – Set of 5
  • Paper Straws Pkg of 25 – Silver Stripe
  • Little Drummer Boy Silhouette Cut Out – Black – Set of 5

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Blog Planner & Editorial Calendar (FREE PRINTABLE)

With a new year fast approaching – and my current planner quickly running out of pages – I decided I’d design my own blog planner for the new year. As much as I adore technology, I’m also a very visual person. Which means I still like a pen (my favorite is this one) and a paper… 

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guacamole and hodge podge

May 2013 in Review

Each month we review the previous month, just in case you missed any epic posts or pithy writing! Ahem. Really, it’s just in case you’re new here or missed a project we think you’d like! You know that saying “better late than never”? Yeah. Let’s just apply that to this post. Never mind that it’s… 

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A Half Bath Laundry Room Reveal

Jessica took an outdated, tuscan style bathroom and transformed it into a classic, clean space with modern touches. She removed a laundry closet, added cabinets, and counter and opened up the space without adding square footage. Visit Home With Baxter for more of Jessica’s Half Bath Laundry Room Reveal.    


Friday Love List

Good Friday morning afternoon! I so meant for this post to be done this morning, but time just got away from me! Does anyone else find that they have a much longer to do list than time to complete it? Ugh. One of my pet peeves for sure. Oh well, I might as well get… 

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Lesli’s Lived-In Living Rooms

Lesli says her family “LIVES in our Living rooms”…two 18′ x 18′ rooms joined by 8 foot pocket doors. Lesli’s decorating is kind of an eclectic sin on a traditional base. The colors she uses are greige, pink and blue…ocean inspired…but like the boardwalk part of the ocean where the excitement is happening! Visit My… 

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how to stencil a wall

How To Stencil A Wall

I am a huge fan of high impact feature walls in decorating. Wallpaper is one way to get that impressive effect – but stenciling can be just as effective for much less money, not to mention that stenciling is less of a long-term commitment (because it can just be painted over)! Our last house saw… 

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Julie’s Dining Room

Julie transformed her whole dining room just by redoing the fabric on the dining chairs! Visit Love My Simple Home for more of Julie’s Dining Room.

Upstairs Hallway

Lesli’s ceilings finally fell down after years of a leaky roof! She got a new roof, and replaced the ceilings…not a small feat..and then got two House Beautiful inspired lanterns which she painted grassy green. Visit My Old Country House for more of Lesli’s Upstairs Hallway.

freebie for newsletter signup

How to get Welcome Home (our decorating eBook) for FREE!

Did you know that a little while ago we wrote a decorating eBook?  Well, we did! It’s called Welcome Home.  It’s all about making your home cozy and beautiful. It’s 50+ pages full of tips, tricks and ideas that we use all the time. Here’s what a couple of our bloggy friends had to say… 

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Organized Modern Country Closet

Ronda added to her closet storage and organization by building a few pieces. Then she made a stencil and stenciled one wall. Visit Batchelors Way for more of Ronda’s Organized Modern Country Closet.

pastel painted mason jars

Pastel Over Gold Painted Mason Jars

I know that I know that I know that I’m not the first blogger to paint a mason jar. But I also know that I adore the look of rustic pastel-colored mason jars! Aren’t they so sweet? For my jars, I wanted to be able to use them as vases (which meant no spray paint… 

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Budget Home Office

Ronda used existing pieces, build parts to connect them and then painted everything to match. Most accessories are from sales or used stores. Visit Batchelors Way to see more of Ronda’s Budget Home Office makeover.  

summer farmhouse decorating tips

Friday Love List

Happy Friday! This week was interesting…a summer cold came from nowhere and kicked my butt for a few days. Thankfully I’m back at it now, but man, I have some catching up to do! If you love the farmhouse look, visit Town and Country blog. Jennifer will show you some great Summer Farmhouse Decorating Tips…. 

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