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aka design christmas home tour collage
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gallery wall
AKA Design Living Room with Craftberry Bush Pillows


gallery wall

DIY Project: Gallery Wall Finished

It’s been a busy week here again at Chez Acheson. Last weekend we finished our Reclaimed Wood Headboard and finally managed to pull much of our master bedroom together. There is still work to be done…baseboards, ceiling, chandelier, etc. But at least I am not embarrassed to have the door open when company comes anymore! Also, now that the rain has let up, Dean is outside dismantling the existing deck railings

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How to Build Your Own DIY Vertical Garden Wall

I can think of many reasons to put together a DIY vertical garden. Small outdoor spaces, cooling shade, fresher air (especially on a city patio) and privacy definitely top the list. We built our DIY vertical garden not on an actual wall, but on a arbor that acts a little like a wall. If you read our before and after patio post a couple of weeks ago, you’ll remember we had a rather

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Chocolate Dipped Clementines

There are desserts that are really fussy to make – like cookies. Okay, so I’m the only one who can’t make cookies. But there are other desserts that are tricky and time consuming and expensive to make, I’m sure. This recipe for Chocolate Dipped Clementines isn’t one of them. It needs only three ingredients. One of the three is optional. There’s no baking either. Just a bowl, a cookie sheet and the

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