Let’s Give This Another Go {Master Bedroom Mood Board}

s Master Bedroom Mood Board 3

Honestly this has been stupid tough. It’s not like I can’t pick colours. But I have been SO stumped by our own Master Bedroom. I want soothing and relaxing. (Our living room has plenty of vibrant colour for the whole house!) And Dean wants nothing to do with choosing colours this time ’round. Apparently that’s my… 

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Our Bungalow in 2011

our bedroom

Ahhhhh. The appraisal is finished. I am curled up on the couch with my babies vegging out today. Man, that was a cuh-razay 24 hours!  We cleaned, tidied & staged everything.  And by 4 pm yesterday we were exhausted! (Thank you so much Debbie for taking the kids yesterday afternoon – it was a huge help!!)… 

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Preparing for an Appraisal

No, we’re not moving. We’re just looking at our mortgage again. And with all the work we’ve put into the house, that means an appraisal has been requested. And we had less than 24 hours to prepare for it! Which means we’re doing this:   (Although more accurate, the images of a chicken running around with… 

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Spring @ Chez Acheson

front hall march 2011

The air is still a little crisp, but the sunny days have outnumbered the gray ones for the last week. The snow is gone and the crocuses are blooming. I can see the leaves of the tulips poking up through the half frozen garden dirt. Spring is finally here! Inside the house, we’ve been hard… 

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New Floors

dining room

Mostly pictures, boys and girls. It’s been a busy month. Thanks to our friends, M&T, for hanging out the entire day on my birthday to get this floor done. Mucho appreciated! For the deets on the floor we chose and the deal we scored go here.   Looks good, no?     Unless you look… 

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Momma’s Got a New Groove

So I don’t have a new groove exactly…but I do have a new camera! All pics on the blog thus far have been taken with either my cell phone (Sony Erricson Xperia X1) camera or a hand-me down digital given to us when our friends upgraded a couple of years ago (which we very much appreciated… 

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Bloggers Give Back: A Mood Board

  As part of the Bloggers Give Back project, participating bloggers were each given homework to create a mood/inspiration board for the George Herman House garden. All mood boards will be compiled today on the site and ideas culminated from them (and other sources) for the garden’s final design. I personally love mood boards – they… 

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Ikea Summer 2011

ikea ps vago easy chair

Last week a friend and I took our {homeschooled} kids to Ikea – during March Break. I don’t know what possessed us to choose last week – we can go anytime.  Perhaps it was the fact that I had the van for the week (hubby shares the drive to work so we have the van… 

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DIY Board and Batten: Part 1


Happy Monday friends. I hope you all had a fab weekend! We’ve decided to break down the remaining living room/dining room progress into mini-topics. There are just SO many projects going now that our posts would be HUGE if we kept it all together. Capiche? First up the Board and Batten progress. We are certainly not… 

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Please forgive us and subscribe again!

Ugh, I am so sorry. Our feedburner feed (email/reader services) completely croaked on us. (Perhaps my understanding of how it works is the thing that croaked, but now we’re arguing over semantics). If you like to read our blog by email or receive updates by email, PRETTY PLEASE scroll to the top of the page… 

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Paint, paint, paint

progress 5

That was my mantra all day today. Cut in, brush brush, down ladder (with paint can), move ladder, up ladder, cut in…. Well you get the picture. That green took three coats!! Three! My muscles are screaming at me. But it was worth it. I am almost finished painting the living room and dining room…. 

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Makin’ Progress

progress 2

This week is cuh-ray-zay! I’m working on some graphic design promotions for our church ladies’ retreat, we’re still working on the living room and dining room, I’ve been writing and the kids and I have been out and about visiting friends. But we are making progress… Dining room this morning. And this evening.   Living room this morning…. 

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Etsy Love

etsy row 1

Even though I’ve been a long-time lover of shopping on the Internet, including kijiji, ebay and book depository, I seem to have come a little late to Etsy. But oooh, the finds you can find! (Now I sound like Dr. Seuss!)   Next Door To Heaven, Earth Art, Eyeful   Ruggy Design,  South Rose Window,… 

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Are You a Yummy Mummy?

Yummy Mummy Logo - for Link

    Do any of my Canadian friends remember Erica Ehm? You know like from Much Music in like the 80′s?! Well Erica Ehm is also the Founder and Editor-in chief of YummyMummyClub.ca – the online destination for modern moms looking for adult stimulation. AND I’m thrilled to be a contributing writer for Yummy Mummy… 

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Reno Update

dean sanding ceiling

Busy weekend over here: the ceiling is drywalled, taped, mudded, sanded and the painting has begun! Here’s the progress as of this afternoon:   Hopefully the painting  (of ceiling and all the walls) will be complete by Friday, so we can begin laying the new floor on Saturday. Hmm, I think I said that last weekend.

{aka}|design by email

Quick note: We have had some Feedburner issues of late. If you like to receive our posts by email (we hope you do!), please resubscribe on the right sidebar or at the top of the site. If it says you are already subscribed, you should be just fine. If you are new to us, we’re… 

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DIY Book Bundles

diy book bundles

So much reno craziness happenin’ around here! Our house is a wreck.  Ack. We’re eating, reading, watching tv, doing schoolwork and hanging out in our master bedroom right now. I can hardly stand all the family togetherness.  With our pending room redesign, I’ve been thinking a lot about styling bookshelves and tabletops lately. The new living and dining rooms… 

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Bloggers Give Back


    A group of Toronto-area bloggers is giving something back to our community. This is a total team effort! Some of the bloggers involved are Aubrey and Lindsay, Jen from Rambling Renovators, Vanessa from Decor Happy, Maggie and Rob from Ok, Now What? and Lisa from Wicked & Weird, Sarah Gunn (Yummy Mummy Wall Candy Blog,  Amy… 

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Mood Board Sort of Mood

With yet again another snowy day, renos going on in full force in the living and dining rooms, and our youngest still sick, the kids and I have had a lot of veg out time recently. What’s a mom to do while the kids watch movies and play (when she can’t use a third of… 

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