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Spring Home Tour

For over a week we’ve been sharing little touches of spring at our house. First in the living room… Then in the dining room… And today, to complete the spring home tour, we’re going back into the living room to share a little bit of spring surrounding our electric fireplace… Featured items from Kirkland’s: Brown Cape… 

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make your own fleece infinity scarf

Make Your Own Fleece Infinity Scarf

It’s been so freaking cold here! Oh. My. Gosh. But at least the cold is inspiring me to create something. (There’s gotta be a bright side, right?) Make Your Own Fleece Infinity Scarf Supplies One 95″ x 25″ piece of fleece scissors thread sewing machine Instructions 1. If you haven’t already, measure and cut your… 

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Cooking with Canned Foods / Cans Get You Cooking

Did you know that canned foods have a month? And by that I actually mean did you know that February is National Canned Foods Month?! It’s true. Okay, please don’t tune out. Stay with me here. Pretty Please!  I’m working on a great series this year with Mom It Forward to help you/me/us be totally healthy and… 

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banana berry smoothie

3 Ingredient Banana Berry Smoothie

Sometimes a healthy snack is as easy as 1-2-3! (Sorry had to say it!) Like this 3 Ingredient Banana Berry Smoothie recipe. It’s quick, easy and healthy! And it tastes good too, if I do say so myself! 3 Ingredient Banana Berry Smoothie   Save Print Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins  … 

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diy topiary trees

DIY Topiary Trees from Dollar Store Supplies

We’ve been working on a little something in the kitchen. If you’re on Instagram you may have seen what it is. But, while that project won’t be ready to share until Monday, I thought it would be fun to whip up a little faux greenery for the space in the form of some DIY Topiary Trees. ‘Cause… 

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homemade taco spice

Taco Seasoning From Scratch

I haven’t bought packaged taco seasoning for years. Like years and years. I mean, have you ever read the ingredients on those packages? Ack. For a long time I used to just mix spices into taco meat as I made it. But then I realized that by mixing up my taco seasoning from scratch ahead of time… 

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macy's white plates |

Set a Pretty Table

One of my favorite things to do (especially now that the kids are bigger!) is to set a pretty table. I love to look at thrift stores, big box stores and some of my favorite retail stores to see what stylish gems I can find to set a table. I always think layers and textures… 

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painted wood bead necklace

Painted Wooden Bead Necklace

So after trying my hand at making a DIY teething necklace, I thought it may be fun to make a painted wood bead necklace. Not for teething of course! Painted Wooden Bead Necklace My two girls (ages 10 and 12) even had some fun painting and putting together their own necklaces. To make your own… 

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Test Tube Valentines

Valentine’s Day Test Tube Treats

Admittedly (and I think I’ve mentioned it before) we’re not huge into Valentine’s Day around here. But this year we thought it would be fun to add a little color and festivity to the otherwise rather cold and grey winter. My girls had a lot of fun helping me put these little Valentine’s Day test… 

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easy rustic wine glass charms

Easy DIY Wine Glass Charms

These DIY wine glass charms are so easy. They pretty much explain themselves. I mean, you only need five six things; hemp string, scissors, round key tags, a pen, wine glasses and…WINE! But I’ll give you the how-to anyway. Just in case you got into the wine before you started the project. Easy DIY Wine Glass Charms Supplies… 

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DIY Teething Necklace

So we don’t have babies in our house anymore. But we have neighbors and friends who have or are having babies. And I work in the nursery at church. So I hold a lot of babies! So a DIY teething necklace totally makes sense. Right? This teething necklace would also make a great baby shower… 

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pink and gold color crush

Color Crush | Pink and Gold

There are some color combinations that are as classic as it gets. Pink and gold is one of those classic combos. Here are a few gorgeous goodies in my color crush du jour…pink and gold. (Scroll left and right with the arrows to see them all!) Are you a fan of pink and gold?


Painted Secretary Desk in Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black

Months ago I found a cute little secretary desk on kijiji. But she was in need of some prettying up. I went back and forth on color. She even sat in the basement laundry room for awhile while I pondered. This week though, Dean hauled her upstairs (like the Superman he is). And I started painting…. 

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Here’s What I Think of Home Decor Trends

Not that you asked. ‘Cause you didn’t. But a conversation with a dear friend the other day prompted me to share what I think of home decor trends. Whether you want to know or not. Home Decor Trends Can Go Suck It There I said it. And I mean it. There’s no shortage of articles online… 

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Poached Chicken

Am I the only one who doesn’t like the taste of reheated or leftover chicken? I mean, when I make a salad in the middle of the day and I pull out leftover chicken to add to it, I’m just like “yuck”. Am I the only one? (Tell me I’m not!) Well, no more! Now I… 

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Special Date Stenciled Sign

Because we do DIY projects all the time, sometimes I forget to post one. For years. No joke. This project was born out of necessity, as my projects often are. I needed something to fill the vertical space on this non-seasonal mantel back in 2011. So I grabbed a board, stained it and added a personal… 

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Lack of Motivation | January Blahs

January is almost over. To which I’m sure several of us are uttering a collective “thank God”. I’m not a big fan of January. I kinda get the “blahs”. I really just want to hibernate and eat ridiculous amounts of carbs. (Which is sort of the opposite of what I’ve been trying to do.) I… 

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