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Weekend Retreat Link Party #116

I can hardly believe it’s Thursday again! Last week at this time I was in Mobile, Alabama and this week I’m actually in Salt Lake City, Utah for SNAP! For a self-professed homebody that’s a LOT of travelling! So tell me, what have you been up to this week? Featured Collage Links: Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake… 

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Scrambled Eggs in a Cup |

Scrambled Eggs in a Cup

We consume a LOT of eggs. Like we could have ten chickens in the backyard if it were allowed in our city. We make omelets, quiche, poached, boiled, fried (over hard and over easy) and scrambled eggs. But sometimes everyone can’t agree on the ingredients to add. And sometimes I really would rather not dirty… 

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Be Yourself 8x10 jpg for blog post

Be Yourself Free Printable + bHome App!

There’s a wonderful saying that goes like this: “Be yourself – everyone else is already taken.” Which is something I occasionally have a hard time remembering. I see all the other creative things everyone is doing and I wish it were me. But I am me. And they are them. (<–Awkward sentence much?)  We all… 

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make leather bracelet from a belt + custom metal stamped tag |

Leather Bracelet from a Belt + Stamped Metal Tag

I love bracelets! Okay you got me, I love all jewelry.  But I especially have a lot of fun with bracelets. I love stacking them and mixing different materials together to create unique looks. And since I’m a DIY girl at heart and I recently tackled a couple of necklaces, I thought it might be… 

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6 of The Best Linen Dining Chairs

One of my design crushes is linen and linen-look accent and dining chairs. I’d love to add a couple to our dining room mix. Covered in Scotch Guard, of course! So just for fun I’ve rounded up my favorites – 6 of the best linen dining chairs! one | two | three | four | five | six Which… 

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home office in the living room

4 Ways to Create a Stylish Home Office in the Living Room

When we moved to this house a couple of years ago, the plan was to build me an office in the unfinished part of the basement. But as the kids have grown, we’ve sort of decided to re-purpose that space as a fourth bedroom for one of them. Which means I’ve had to figure out how… 

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weekend retreat collage week 109

Weekend Retreat Link Party #109

It’s the first Thursday/Weekend in March….Spring is almost here! OMG Cheese Stuffed Meatballs by Modern Housewife | St. Patrick’s Day Printable by Blooming Homestead | Almond Joy Macaroons by Penney Lane Kitchen | Make a Custom Treat Stand by Mama, Mommy, Mom  This week’s Featured Links: Britni’s Favorites { Play.Party.Pin} 7 Awesome Movie Night Theme… 

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dairy free cream of broccoli soup

Dairy Free Cream of Broccoli Soup

We’re not much of a soup family. Check that. Dean and I and the girls like soup. The boy not so much. (He really only likes this soup. And cup-a-soup and Mr. Noodles. Ack.) Anyway, I’m a fan of cream soup. But our family isn’t so good with cheese. So I came up with this… 

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He Makes All Things Beautiful framed

He Makes All Things Beautiful| Free Spring Printable

The other day I mentioned needing a little color in my spring decorating. Winter in our part of the world has been awfully white. (And cold!) But I’m not okay with changing my overall neutral color scheme just for a short blip in my decorating preferences. So I decided to add color in in small doses…. 

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Make an apron from a tea towel |

Make an Apron from a Tea Towel

Last Spring I picked up an adorable Easter tea towel and pretty ribbon with the full intention of making an apron from them. But time got the better of me and when spring turned to summer and I still hadn’t made an aprong, I put the towel and ribbon in a drawer and forgot about them. I… 

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make money blogging

Make Money Blogging | How I More Than Quadrupled My Blog Income in Less Than a Year

So last time we talked blogging, we talked about how to grow blog traffic and how in less than one year I grew my blog traffic by more than 350%. Today I want to share the strategies I used in the same time period to more than quadruple my blog’s business income. (These “how to blog” posts are NOT… 

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Sunday March 1 2015

Sunday Love Notes

Need a little encouragement today? Know that He’s looking after you and that you can do this! xo

Hand painted globe

DIY Hand Lettered Globe

Have you noticed the trend lately? The hand-lettered trend? It’s on art prints, cards and vases. It’s on globes too! Since it’s such a fun look, I thought I’d try my hand at making over a wee globe that I purchased years ago. DIY Hand Lettered Globe Supplies globe paint (I used Fusion Mineral Paints in… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party #108

Well, guess what day it is again? It’s Thursday…which means I get to bring you the Weekend Retreat Link Party! German Chocolate Bars from Just Us Four | DIY Moss Frame from This Silly Girls Life | DIY Tissue Paper Tassels from Sewlicious Home Decor | Salted Caramel Crepes with Biscoff from The Gold Lining… 

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Butternut squash mac and cheese casserole

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese (Dairy and Gluten Free)

Mac and Cheese is pure comfort food. But when you’re trying to slim down, you have a picky eater and all your kids can’t eat cheese, it becomes a quest to find a recipe that can be adapted for everyone in the family. So I adapted my own Dairy Free Gluten Free Butternut Squash Mac… 

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gold spike decor paperweight craft fail

Gold Spike Decor Paperweight | Craft Fail!

Last week I was visiting Chapters/Indigo with the kids. We call things like that field trips. They peruse the books and I ogle the pretty decor items. Homeschool + Work = Perfection Anyway, as always I spotted about a million things I adore. And all the gold (Kate Spade has a gorgeous line!) had me all… 

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How To Grow Blog Traffic

How to Grow Blog Traffic | How I Grew My Blog Traffic by 350% in Less Than One Year

I’ve been blogging for almost five years. Aside from homeschooling my kids, working on this blog business is how I spend my days. (It’s often how I spend my nights and weekends during busy seasons too.) AKA Design has seen decent growth in those five years. But last year, I really found my blogging groove. As a result… 

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