wieners and beans

Wieners and Beans

Okay, so wieners and beans is not a glamorous dish. It’s mostly suited to camping or sitting around a roaring fire. Maybe even a quick lunch at home. (My dad used to make this for me sometimes.) But this wieners and beans recipe made with canned brown beans in tomato sauce is: full of protein – beans and tuna… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party #114

How are you? Is it spring weather there yet? Have you created anything you’d like to share this week? Recipe? Craft? DIY? Well come on then, share! Angel Food Cake French Toast by Brittany | The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie by Shauna DIY Basketball Party Ideas by Britni | Sauteed Pasta with Vegetables by Shannon… 

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Home On Hidden Oaks Guest Bedroom

A bright and colorful guest bedroom

It’s been awhile since we shared a Blogger Homes feature…so here’s a pretty bright guest bedroom for you! Jesse’s guest bedroom was decorated on a budget. Almost everything in the space was either a DIY project, a garage sale find, or a re-purposed item used in a creative way. She used bright colors to make… 

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coffee bar display

Tiered Stand from Cake Pans – Styled Two Ways

I’ve had the materials for this project kicking around for months. But after a mishap with a new stain product and the adhesive method I chose not working, I tucked it away as a craft fail. Nothing a little paint  and a handy hubby couldn’t fix though. Set of 3 Spring Form Pans here. Furniture legs here…. 

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Dyson V6 Absolute - Motor Head for Carpets

Cleaning Up With Dyson

A couple of weeks ago I shared our much-adored brand-spanking-new living room rug… Pretty, right? Well the little bugger sheds. Go figure. It’s wool. Wool rugs shed. Don’t buy a wool rug if you don’t want shedding. Period. Alas in the very same rug post, I did mention that we found a perfect cleaning solution for all… 

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He is not here

Happy Easter

Easter. I’ve shared table settings and bunnies and Easter eggs. And while I enjoy the beauty of all of that, there is something far more beautiful. The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you’ve been here long, you know where my family and I stand in matters of faith. If you’re new here, please read… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party #113 |

Weekend Retreat Link Party #113

Happy Easter! What have you been up to this week? A Little Bit of Spring in the Dining Room from AKA Design | Easy Mexican Spaghetti by The Best Blog Recipes | How to Have a Perfect Easter Sunday by Play Party Pin | Jalepeno Deviled Eggs by Mommy on Demand Brittany’s Favorites {Mommy on Demand}… 

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Sauteed Pasta with Vegetables

Sauteed Pasta with Vegetables

When I was in college, there was this great pasta bar in part of the larger cafeteria. There was an assortment of vegetables and a couple of types of pasta each day. And at the end of the long tables were servers with saute pans all ready to cook up the veggies and pasta. I… 

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fun easter eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs with a Sharpie

It’s totally tradition. I know it. But do you wanna know a little secret? Until now, we’ve never done it. Not when I was a kid. Not with my own kids. Never. Don’t know what I’m talking about? I’m talking about coloring Easter eggs, of course! Okay, pick yourself back up off the floor. I… 

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Spring Table in Grey Dining Room

Natural Easter Table Setting

With Easter not that far away, I thought it may be fun to set a pretty, natural Easter table setting. Because setting a pretty table is one of my favorite things to do, don’t ya know! I used some fairly new pieces and a few things from last year’s spring table to create an entirely new look… 

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AKA Design Media Kit Page 1 March 11

How to Make a Media Kit

If you’re a blogger and you want to work with brands, chances are at some point you’re going to be asked for a media kit. If you don’t know what that is or the term stresses you out, no worries. Here’s a simple explanation: A blogger’s media kit shows followers, social media handles, rates & partnerships. Click To… 

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old books statues

Spring Home Tour

For over a week we’ve been sharing little touches of spring at our house. First in the living room… Then in the dining room… And today, to complete the spring home tour, we’re going back into the living room to share a little bit of spring surrounding our electric fireplace… Featured items from Kirkland’s: Brown Cape… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party #112

Yay for another Thursday closer to good weather! Sorry I keep mentioning that – but it’s been a very long winter up here!! So what have you been up to? Mexican Spaghetti from The Best Blog Recipes | Spring Decorating in the Living Room from AKA Design | Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas from Play.Party.Pin. |… 

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Coconut Curry Sauce | WWW.AKADESIGN.CA

Easy Coconut Curry Sauce

Rice can be pretty Plain Jane. Boring even. But I’ve whipped up an easy sauce for you. It’s really really easy. Made with just three things you can find in your pantry (or cantry!), this coconut curry sauce pairs well with chicken, veggies and especially rice! Easy Coconut Curry Sauce   Save Print Prep time… 

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Spring Table Ideas

It’s Spring, it’s Spring! The snow is finally gone, except for in the shadiest spots of the yard. The birds are chirping a little more each day. And the sunny days are out-weighing the rainy days. With Easter right around the corner I thought I might be fun to round up some Spring Table Ideas. From… 

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spring tabletop birch lane and aka design

A Little Bit of Spring in the Dining Room

It’s Spring! Is anyone else happy it’s finally here? Of course you are! With the arrival of slightly warmer temperatures and loads more sunshine, I’ve been busy adding Spring touches inside the house. Today it’s a little bit of Spring in the dining room. While poking around online for Spring decor ideas, I sort of… 

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white living room couch dark wood floor trellis rug

The New Moroccan Trellis Rug in the Living Room

Did you notice it last week in our Spring Decorating in the Living Room post? Did you notice that the old white shag area rug was gone and there was a subtle tan wool Moroccan trellis rug from Rugs USA in its place? The old rug wasn’t bad per se. But it had to be picked up for… 

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