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  • Fancy Pantry Definition Clear Label – Sugar – Icing
  • Paper Straws Pkg of 25 – Silver Stripe
  • Reindeer Silhouette Cut Out – Black – Set of 5
  • Fancy Pantry Definition Clear Label – Tea
  • Maple Leaf Silhouette Cut Out – Kraft – Set of 5
  • He Who Promised is Faithful 8″x10″ Art Print
  • Paper Straws Pkg of 25 – Red Stripe
  • I Love You My Deer 8″x10″ Digital Art Download
  • Oh Holy Night 8″x10″ Art Print
  • Fancy Pantry Definition Clear Label – Rice Flour-White

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The Entryway is Finally Finished!

Just over a year ago I shared our entryway in our fall home tour. It wasn’t finished. Sure there was new tile, some new paint and new door hardware. But the doors and wood paneling were just primed. Primer doesn’t take wear and tear real well. Which makes for a lot of scuffs, scratches and knot stains…. 

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Late Fall Woodland Tablescape

So I’m totally ready to decorate for Christmas. BUT I know some of you aren’t, so how about one more fall tablescape? Let’s make it a rustic late fall woodland tablescape, shall we? Filled with soft plaid, warm grays, pine cones, pumpkins and even some fallen maple leaves. Simple and cozy, yes? And if you’d… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party | www.akadesign.ca

Weekend Retreat Link Party #92

What a fun week! The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, Rearranging the Living Room and a Christmas Tree Twig Art already! What have you been up to? Cookie Dough Brownie Bars by Sunny Side Ups | Metallic Painted Pinecones by Blooming Homesteads | Homemade Bath Salts by Living Chic on the Cheap | Healthy Chicken Chow Mein by… 

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replace and repair

3 Benefits to Replacing Windows and Doors

When I last talked to you about windows and doors I shared three key things to look for in making the decision to keep or replace existing windows and doors: poor performance, looks and effort required to maintain them. But I think there’s also more to it than that. I believe our little chat needs to be… 

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Christmas Tree Twig Art | One Item Project Challenge

Sometimes the best laid plans… For the next few weeks I get to share inspired projects with you in something called the One Item Project Challenge – six bloggers using the same medium but creating something entirely different! Week one – today’s item is TWIGS. Like find ‘em in your back yard, buy ‘em at… 

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Making Room for the Tree & a Piano in the Living Room

We’re a little behind our norm over here. We’ve been sick for a few weeks (thank you so much for the get well wishes on Instagram and Facebook!) and are finally catching up. Typically our family begins decorating for Christmas on November 1st.  Dean and I decided on this day years ago when the kids were… 

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 4

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for Big Girls

Hello, happy Monday and welcome to the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide! Whether you’re a regular reader of AKA Design or if this is your first visit, I’m so happy you’re here! Today I’m part of a huge blog hop with lots of fabulous bloggers making Holiday gift-giving easy for you! And since I have two “big… 

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weekend retreat collage week 91

Weekend Retreat Link Party #91

Hello friends! It’s Thursday night which means it’s party time! But first some news… We took a couple of days off posting this week, but we’ve been really busy behind the scenes working on our NEW ONLINE SHOP! It’s going to be full of art prints, decorative cut outs, fancy pantry labels and more!  Make… 

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gluten free apple cinnamon muffins

Apple Cinnamon Muffins (Gluten Free)

Perfect for a quick breakfast or a light snack, these apple cinnamon muffins are gluten free. They’re also free of nuts and dairy (if you use milk and butter substitutes), so pretty much anyone can enjoy them. Apple Cinnamon Muffins (Gluten Free)   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 30 mins Total time 45 mins… 

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Office Shelves in Living Room

White Washed Numbered Crates | Shelf Organization in the Living Room

We recently did a little shelf switcheroo when we built new Rolling Kitchen Pantry Shelves and moved our Restoration Hardware Inspired Industrial Shelves to the living room. Initially we literally just moved all the kitchen stuff out to the living room to make space for building the new shelves – food, dishes and all. When the Rolling… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party #90

Happy Thursday friends! We had my nephews here for much of this week while my sis was away, so we’ve been busy. Nothing like 5 kids to keep this momma hopping! What have you been up to? Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake from The Gold Lining Girl | Turkey Meatball Soup from A Pretty Life |… 

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homemade hamburger helper | www.akadesign.ca

Homemade Hamburger Helper (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

I’m fairly certain if you grew up in North America you’ve probably had Hamburger Helper. If you don’t know what that is or what I’m talking about, let me explain. Hamburger is ground meat – beef, turkey, chicken, pork. It’s inexpensive and quick to cook. Hamburger Helper is a boxed package of spices and dry… 

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Wooden Polaroid Magnets

Awhile back I had this idea to take thin craft-wood rectangles and cut squares out of the center with a jigsaw to make Polaroid-shaped photo frames. The project sat on my craft to do list for weeks. Imagine my surprise when I finally went to buy the wood and found pre-cut Polaroid rectangles whilst looking for something entirely… 

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