Cottage Farmhouse Dining Room

Once upon a time, a young family bought their dream house on a quiet little dead end street. It was the perfect size and in good shape for its age. There was just the right number of rooms and the house had a unique yet functional layout. One of the most-used spaces for this family… 

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The Weekend re-Treat Link Party #57

Is it still cold where you are? Man, it’s still been freezing here. Come on Spring, where are you? How about some Spring recipes and projects to help warm us up?     We have changed things up a little to give our features more exposure. In addition to displaying large pictures of each of… 

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March Goodies Giveaway

march goodies giveaway 1

Do you know how much I appreciate that you come around frequently, read my random thoughts and tutorials…and then keep coming back? I wish I could thank you personally. I wish I could spoil you rotten and take you to the spa. Or buy you that big something you’ve been dreaming of. Unfortunately I’m not… 

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Weekend re-Treat Link Party #56

It’s Thursday, it’s Thursday! Are you ready to party with us? This week we are changing things up a little to give our features more exposure. In addition to displaying large pictures of each of our features in this blog post, we will be featuring our picks on our social media pages all weekend long…. 

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Our Imperfect White Kitchen

kitchen from side door

Okay, I’ve been promising our kitchen “reveal” for ages. We have lived here for over a year, so fair enough. This was a really strange reno for us though because we found that after we added storage and got the kitchen to a functional place, the urge to do all the little finishing work sort… 

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Bloggers and Brands is Now Available!


I’m excited to announce that Bloggers & Brands is now available to purchase! It has been a real labor of love and has taken months of work. And it’s finally ready! Bloggers & Brands is a 112 page PDF ebook that will show you how to find the right contacts, craft a killer one page pitch and WOW brands to… 

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Peace | Sunday Love Notes


Are your thoughts sometimes anxious or jumbled and confused? I know, as a creative person, my brain can run a million miles an hour in a thousand different directions. But God promises that if I bring my thoughts back to Him, if I think of Him, He will give me Peace. And His peace is… 

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Waffles

gluten free dairy free waffles

One thing I asked Dean to buy me for Christmas this year was a waffle maker. The other was a food processor. And last year’s request was a KitchenAid mixer. Apparently I have  thing for small kitchen appliances. Anyway it turns out Dean is a pretty good listener because I got all three! And for… 

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Weekend re-Treat Link Party #55

weekend retreat logo week 55

It’s Thursday again, if you can believe it! Which means it’s time for the… This week we are changing things up a little to give our features more exposure. In addition to displaying large pictures of each of our features in this blog post, we will be featuring our picks on our social media pages… 

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Happy Family Day!


In several provinces of Canada, today is a wonderful holiday called Family Day. We’re keeping it pretty low-key – Dean is planning to take the older two kids tobogganing and I’m still snuggling with our sick littlest one. She had a sore throat one night last week and then felt better. She coughed a bit… 

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Marriage = BFFs


In a conversation with a sweet friend the other day it occurred to me that not everyone lives out their marriage like Dean and I do. Not that we have it perfectly figured out, or are ourselves perfect. Because we are not. We are two very imperfect people who share a life together. Obviously there… 

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Weekend re-Treat Link Party #54

Party Collage Image Final

How is it possible that it’s been a week since our last link party already!?!   This week was probably the toughest week yet to pick features because you guys just keep bringing the most incredible ideas. Picking 12 out of over 500 links is really tough especially with all of the delicious recipes, creative… 

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Heart to Heart…Progress | Life

pink tulips

It’s been just over a month since I wrote Heart to Heart and shared, well, what was on my heart at the start of the year. And really nothing has changed as far as my desires and those of Dean and I for our family. We still want to focus on our relationships – with God,… 

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Bloggers & Brands Giveaway

Bloggers & Brands giveaway graphic

With excitement and looking forward to the Bloggers & Brands launch on February 25th we are giving away 3 copies of this brand new guide for bloggers before it is available for sale!  But you’d better enter quick – we’re only opening the giveaway until Thursday at midnight!   Winners will be announced February 14th… 

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Weekend re-Treat Link Party #53


I’m having so much fun reading all your recipes and projects each week! Thank you so much for coming and linking to our party! This party keeps getting bigger and bigger which means it gets harder and harder to pick the features. This week had lots of appetizers for the big game and lots of… 

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A Way Out | Sunday Love Notes

1 COR 10 13

Tell me, beautiful one, what is it that lately trips you up? What seemingly undefeatable temptation cripples your resolve? Is it in your weight loss journey…and that savory bag of chips calling from the pantry? Is it in tackling your debt…and that cute pair of shoes you just have to have? Is it in your… 

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Bloggers and Brands is Coming February 2014

bloggers and brands ipad twisted

I so wish I could get a show of hands right now. Because if I could, I’d ask how many bloggers reading this would like to work with brands. I’m pretty sure the hands raised would be plentiful. I’ve talked to so many bloggers about brand partnerships and brand sponsorships. Almost every one would love… 

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