Grilled Pineapple Bites with Strawberry Dipping Sauce

Grilled Pineapple Bites with Strawberry Honey Dipping Sauce

Hello lovely AKA Design readers! I’m Cat from The Rustic Willow and I’m going to be sharing some delicious recipes with you from time to time here on AKA Design! Shannon & Dean have welcomed me with open arms, and I’m really excited to “hang out” with you all and bond over the love of… 

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dried lavender in a bowl

Make Your Own Dried Lavender Sachets – The Easy Way!

The first summer we lived here – much to my delight – I discovered that we have a large and beautiful lavender plant growing wild beside the house. Sadly that first summer I totally missed peak lavender harvest and the lovely scented blossoms dried and shriveled on the plant. So sad. But last summer. Last summer when… 

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painted grain sack stripes

Paint Grain Sack Stripes

Sometimes you can luck out and find beautiful authentic grain sacks buried in a barn in Alabama … …and sometimes you can’t. Or maybe you don’t want to ruin perfectly good French grain sack even though you really want the look of grain sack. How to Paint Grain Sack Stripes Supplies canvas or other similar… 

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Antler Embroidery Hoop Art

Quick Antler Embroidery Hoop Art

Since I’ve been travelling lately I’ve not really created anything new. In fact, it felt a little odd to go through the process of getting out supplies, spreading them across the dining room table, creating, styling and photographing this little project. But I was happy to ‘break the ice” and get back to creating. Quick Antler… 

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plants vines herbs

It’s Finally Spring – A Project and A Giveaway!

Well the weather has FINALLY decided it’s going to grow up and act like Spring already. No more snow in Ontario. Thank God! Which means that it’s also FINALLY time to start thinking about outdoor projects. This year we’ve got a fair amount of yard work to do and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Scotts… 

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weekend retreat link party collage 117

Weekend Retreat Link Party #117

I’m ba-ack! After a couple of weeks of travelling – first for a brand trip and then for SNAP! conference – I’m finally home for a few weeks. How are YOU?! Has spring sprung? What have YOU been working on? How to Make a Wood Plank Headboard on AKA Design | Citrus Strawberry Mocktail on Play.Party.Pin… 

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dining room hutch spring

How to Make Burlap Bunting

I don’t know how many times y’all have asked about our burlap buntings. So I thought I’d show you how to make your very own! Before I tell you how to make burlap bunting, I want to say that ages ago (like years!) I purchased two burlap banners from an etsy shop that is no longer in… 

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Our Master Bedroom Source List

I thought maybe it would be helpful to have a specific post for each of the rooms in our house. That way if you had any questions about where we got something, you could find it easily in one place! Source List: Dressers and nightstands Pintuck Duvet Cover and Shams Fabric for toss pillows Yellow… 

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aka design bungalow master bedroom wood headboard

How to Make a Wood Plank Headboard

Making a semi masculine, rustic-looking wood plank headboard is very easy. Dean and I should know, we’ve created one in each of our last two houses! Just grab a few wood pallets, dismantle them, sand down the pieces then follow our instructions below and you’ll have the perfect rustic wood headboard in a weekend! And if you… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party #116

I can hardly believe it’s Thursday again! Last week at this time I was in Mobile, Alabama and this week I’m actually in Salt Lake City, Utah for SNAP! For a self-professed homebody that’s a LOT of travelling! So tell me, what have you been up to this week? Featured Collage Links: Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake… 

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5 diy mother's day crafts

5 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Anyone Can Make

Mother’s Day is fast approaching – like I mentioned in my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas post last week. To make things easy on you – once again (wink, wink) – I’ve rounded up several of our most popular crafts that would totally make fabulous DIY Mother’s Day gifts that just about anyone can make! 5… 

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Dyson V6 Absolute Handheld

Up High, Down Low and In-Between

By now you all likely know that our house has a new vacuum that I love so much I named it Mr. Dyson. And you’ve been told how much I enjoy using Mr. Dyson and his V6 Absolute self for cleaning both carpets and hard floors. But did you know that I can clean the car… 

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The Ultimate List of Feminine Wordpress Blog Themes

The Ultimate List of Feminine WordPress Blog Themes

When I started blogging almost five years ago, there weren’t that many pretty blog themes available. There were a lot of blah, ugly, boring themes. But now. NOW! There are SO many beautiful feminine WordPress blog themes to choose from! **Foodie is the theme that AKA Design runs on.** She’s sleek and svelte with her minimalist… 

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7 Best Home Decorating Tips

Do you ever wish you could ask your favorite blogger what their best home decorating tips are? Of course you do! Well here are the 7 best home decorating tips from seven top home bloggers! Seven of the Best Decorating Tips you will Ever Get Add Layers to your Home to bring it to Life by Bre… 

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Weekend Retreat Link Party |

Weekend Retreat Link Party #115

Happy Thursday friends! As you’re reading this I’m in the deep south – Mobile, Alabama to be exact – touring a wonderful restoration project with a few other wonderful bloggers. So as I’m very likely sweating it out down here, I’d love to see what you’ve been up to this week! Tiered Cake Pan Stand on… 

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peach lemonade punch

Peach Lemonade (Spiked or Virgin) | Spring Progressive Dinner

Hi there! Welcome to our house. Today we have a super fun blog hop to share with you! Some of my favorite bloggers got together to create a virtual progressive dinner just for you – drinks, appetizers, salads, sides, main dishes and desserts all at different houses! If you’re popping by from someone else’s house –… 

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25+ Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Each Mother’s Day I wish I’d planned better. I always get so busy (story of my life) and forget that a special occasion is fast approaching. Which leads to last minute shopping – or worse no shopping at all. So to help myself (and maybe you too?) I’m sharing loads of my favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!… 

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