Organizing & Storing Kids’ Toys with Style!

Our kids are not toddlers anymore, so we don’t need to keep a plethora of toys out in the open in the living room these days. But that certainly doesn’t mean there are no toys in our house at all. And keeping them stored and organized – with style – has always been a priority, whether we’ve lived in a small apartment or a flat-out bungalow.

Math-U-See blocks in basket from Solutions.


When our three children were babies and toddlers, we used baskets and buckets mainly from Ikea. These held diapers and wipes, board books and blocks. And they were right in our living room, either nestled beside the couch or tucked into low shelves for easy access. It was sometimes obvious and sometimes not.

As they grew, some toy storage moved out of the main living spaces into their rooms.  And storing them in stylish receptacles there became very colourful!

Ikea magazine holders for papers and colouring books, Ikea towel bar with hanging (kitchen) bins for pencils and markers, dollar store buckets for art supplies like scissors, tape and glue sticks.


Home Depot/Martha Stewart cube shelving and canvas bins for toys and books.


But some things had to stay in the living room and dining room. Board games, toy animals, recorders, etc all needed homes. Some traditional furniture pieces can provide excellent hidden storage if you’re creative.


Our coffee table holds all of our family’s board games and keeps them safe from younger visitors.


An old (already damaged) crock holds remotes, and baskets under our Lack end tables hold blankets for curling up with. None of which are solely the kids’ but all of which get used by them and need a place to call home when not in use.


Books are much loved and stored simply in stacks or rows on bookshelves. If you have littler ones toddling around, strap bookshelves to the wall for stability. You can also store paper books up higher out of reach of little hands that may cause them damage. Use lower shelves for baskets of toys or board books.


A simple dresser (choose one with smooth running drawers for ease of use) can house a number of toys: blocks, cars, dolls clothes.


Hidden storage is always an option too…

Looks like an ordinary hutch right? You know to store linens and the good silver?


Surprise! Our hutch holds homeschool books, supplies and lots of little toys!


There you have it – that’s how we store our kids’ clutter here at Chez Acheson. Bins, baskets, shelves, dressers and hutches. It may not be conventional, but it works. And it’s stylish, if we do say so ourselves!

How about you? How do you store the toys? Do you use kid-specific containers and toy boxes? Or are you a rebel like us and stash toys wherever you want?



(P.S. If you want to know how to organize anything in 5 simple steps read here)


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    Love it! I did a wall of bookshelves for this very purpose! No kiddos yet, so we are straining to fill them, but I know we’ll have plenty of storage for years to come!