Oh Holy Night (Free Christmas Printable)

It’s been a long time since we offered up a free printable for you…too long in fact!

Since we like to change up our decor with the holidays (we’re slightly delayed this year with our move!), we thought it would be fun to create a Christmas printable for you. We may even post more later. We’ll see.

Anyway, we’ve chosen a chalkboard-look this year – it seems chalkboards are everywhere these days, doesn’t it?

So here ya go…

Just click on the image to get to the PDF, then right click to save and then print on a piece of quality linen white paper. It should be about 8×10, if you trim the edges. (Please only use it for yourself or to print out to give as gifts. Using this printable for commercial purposes or to make any profit is strictly forbidden.)

The Not-So-Fine-Print:

  • You can download printables for your own personal use ONLY.
  • Absolutely no altering of the printables is allowed without written permission.
  • Under no circumstances are these printables to be sold for profit, or incorporated into any works for sale.
  • By downloading and using our printables you acknowledge that you have read and will follow these rules.

Download Printables:

  1. First read the Not-So-Fine-Print above.
  2. Are you sure you read it? Okay, if you’re sure move on to step 3.
  3. Click on the thumbnail below to be taken to the PDF printable for the image(s) you’d like, then save from that page. (**NOTE: the links for this project go to our Google Drive, where you can download them to your own computer and print.)

There are only a few weeks left until Christmas – are you getting ready yet?

P.S. Don’t forget we’re in Canada, so our Thanksgiving was wayyyy back in October! Happy Thanksgiving this week to all our U.S. friends and family!

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Time to Chat

  1. 6

    Sarah H. says

    This is beautiful! I found you from pinterest, but will add you to my blog reader list! What a fun blog you have!

  2. 9

    Nikki S says

    I LOVE this! Any chance you have a working file I could use my Christmas card? It’s so beautiful! I’d even pay you for it :)

  3. 17

    Bryndee says

    I love this! Would you mind sharing the fonts you used? I have been looking for a font like you used on the “Oh”

  4. 19

    Jami says

    Yes, would you mind sharing the fonts you used?! I love this print and would like to try and create a print to go beside it with another saying but would like the fonts to match if at all possible.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. 21

    Connie says

    I thought this was so awesome. I saw another funny saying I can’t find any where. BE MERRY AND BRIGHT OR ELSE!! Could you do it??

  6. 23

    aka design says

    We’re so glad you all like it so much! There are plenty of resources out there for chalkboards and fonts. Just google them. :) xo, S.

  7. 28

    Amy says

    Hi–I love this & want to put it on my mantle. Is there any way you could add an 11×14 version?
    Thanks for so generously sharing your beautiful work!

    • 29

      aka design says

      Sorry folks, what you see us what you get right now – no different sizes or fonts to share! Moving and Christmas and all…thanks for understanding!

  8. 30


    Thank you! I love these and appreciate you sharing! I wasn’t able to get it from the “free printables” page though, that link doesn’t seem to be working but this one is, thanks again!

  9. 34


    Thank you for sharing this beautiful print ~ it is my favorite Christmas song! It is gracing my mantle already, and I also gave it away as part of my favorite things giveaway on my blog today. I hope this is ok, as it said that it was ok to gift. I credited and linked to your blog.

    Thank you again for sharing your talents with us!

  10. 35

    Jennette says

    This is absolutely fantastic! What a wonderful gift for you to share your talents with the rest of us, especially those of us who are not at all talented in this area–like me! Many thanks!

  11. 38


    I cannot thank you enough! I have wanted these words on my wall for years. This year, cut the wood, with every intention of painting the design in my head. And here we are… 11 days until Christmas. Sure I have time to paint a sign… I googled the words and found you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I LOVE it!

  12. 41

    lemondedis says

    j’aime beaucoup !… je viens juste de découvrir votre site mais je crois qu’il va vite faire partie de mes “bonnes adresses” !… merci pour le partage…

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  14. 43

    Kirsten says

    Hi, I would like to print this and frame it then donate it to my daughters nursery to include in their Christmas hamper raffle to raise funds for the nursery. Would I be allowed to do this? It is beautiful so I am definitely making one for myself.

    Kind Regards

  15. 48

    Abby says

    I would love to use this as my church’s Christmas bulletin cover. If I give credit would you be willing to allow me to do this. Or could if not is it possible to pay a fee to use it?

  16. 49

    Mary Ann says

    LOVE these printables! However, I don’t have a color printer at the moment; the resolution is not high enough for me to get printed at Costco. Is there a way to get a higher resolution?? Thanks!!

  17. 50


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