No Sew Floor Pillows

Who’s up for a really simple project?

no sew floor cushion |

If that’s you, then you’re going to love these No Sew Floor Pillows!


For two large pillows:

  • 2 large pillow forms
  • 1-2 yards/meters outdoor fabric
  • hem fuse tape
  • scissors, iron, hair straightening iron


measure pillow form |

1. Measure pillow forms and set aside. I actually used two really large pillows that came as extras with our sofas.

2. Layout fabric on a flat surface. Using a pencil mark the size of your pillow forms PLUS TWO INCHES onto the back side of your fabric. So if your pillow form is 24″ x 24″ measure 26″ x 26″ onto four pieces of fabric.

3. Using scissors cut out all four large squares (or rectangles, depending on the shape of your pillow forms).

ironing hem |

4. Fold over each side about 1/4″ to 1/2″ and iron.

hem fuse tape |

5. Place two pieces of fabric together right sides out, hems together (see photo). Then place hem fuse tape between the hemmed edges. Press with iron. Repeat for three side of pillow cover.

6. Stuff pillow cover with pillow form. Carefully place hem fuse tape between hems on open side of pillow cover and press together with a hair straightening iron. Unless you can somehow finagle your pillow onto the ironing board to iron this remaining side once the cover is stuffed, a hair straightener is your secret weapon!

no sew floor pillows |

I used four different prints from Online Fabric Store to make two pillows: Premier Prints Outdoor Vertical Deep BlueZigzag YellowGotcha American Red and Polka Dot Yellow. Since these floor pillows will end up in the basement family room, the bright colors and durability of the spun polyester makes them especially kid friendly!

double sided floor pillows |

Have you ever “cheated” and made something with hem tape instead of sewing it? Do you have any floor pillows in your house? What about outdoor fabric on something indoors?

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Time to Chat

  1. 3

    Marlene Larson says

    I have used Sunbrella fabric for chair covers, outside, as well as for curtains. I last used an outdoor fabric to make pillow covers for our sectional. Looks awesome!! I am going to try the tape trick and not be such a perfectionist in the future :-)

  2. 12

    Krista @ the happy housie says

    These are awesome Shannon – I love how the hem tape gives that crisp edge. Beautiful! Pinned:)

  3. 15

    Chris says

    I just made pillows this way using four large napkins from Home Goods…after a few minor burns ironing the fourth edge…the heating iron is the way to go ! Will use that next time ! Thanks for the good idea.

  4. 19

    Amanda says

    Okay I just bought all of the things I need to do this. I’m making giant floor pillows! But I bought pillow filler. Will pillow filler work?

  5. 24


    Great idea on how to make a no-sew floor pillow! So glad you shared as I’ve been looking for a good tutorial that didn’t require a lot of sewing. Found your blog via Pinterest and ‘Reasons to Skip the Housework’ and am now following along. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

    • 25


      :) They hold up pretty good – unless your kids jump on them repeatedly! Lol. If that’s likely to happen you should use extra hem tape or actually sew them with really really good thread!

      • 26

        Trinity says

        Thanks so much for the tip about the hem tape. My crew is definitely rambunctious, so repeated jumping wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Come to think of it, I should probably start stocking up on those repair materials now, lol.