DIY Link Party News, Blog Changes and Exciting Announcements

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First of all a HUGE thank you to all of you who stepped up to the plate and answered our ten little survey questions the other day! We really appreciate the feedback, and we promise you’re going to be so glad you spoke up and let us know what you love most! 

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(If you haven’t answered our nosy nancy questions yet, you can still do that here.)

As a result of the survey (thus far), major brainstorming at Chapters last weekend, one solid hour picking this guy’s brain and taking Melissa’s Content Brew Course (affiliate link) we are just bursting with ideas and plans!

You guys are all going to LOVE what we have in store for aka design…which, of course, means you, our stupendous readers!

Gah! We can hardly stand it!

Here’s What’s New:


blog screenshot oct 4 DIY Link Party News, Blog Changes and Exciting Announcements 

1. Despite almost throwing in the towel entirely with the DIY Link Party (even after running it for a year, we typically had less than 50 entries each week), we’re keeping it, sort of. It’s clear that most of our readers are not bloggers and don’t link up their own stuff, but many still enjoy the extra inspiration (thank you to all of you who faithfully link up!).  However going forward, it will become a MONTHLY party with a theme, which we’ll be promoting more via our social media channels. We’re hoping this will draw more submissions and readers, therefore bringing everyone more inspiration and more traffic. The first of this type of party will be next Thursday October 11th and the theme will be FALL. With Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and fall weather causing the leaves to change, get out your pics and document all your decor and recipes to link up!

**Updated by Shannon: Thanks to a lovely comment by a reader, I must clarify (blame my sleep-deprived brain!). Numbers are not why we wanted to give up the weekly party. We appreciate the 50 or so people who do link up – really we do! And small is okay. BUT with the weekly format, I was finding it really really hard to keep up. Each week the party post had to be written after the previous week’s party closed  - which means it definitely had to be written Wednesday to go up Thursday. And I needed to link to the highlighted projects here and on Pinterest. Well sometimes life just doesn’t allow for that quick turnaround. And with that rigid structure, I was also finding a lack of time to promote the party, as well as write other content and create more projects. All of which our survey participants (you!) were very clear they wanted! Does that make more sense?

2. We have spent a tonne of time (anyone who’s seen our twitter feed knows we’ve not been sleeping much this week!) cleaning up our categories, pages, menus and sidebar. We’ve eliminated excess ads, widgets and all around mess.  This just means that our site should be easier to navigate and the things you’re looking for – whether an old project or a paint colour – should be easier to find. Bear with us as we finish up this process – it’s a tonne of work! Speaking of which, our SEARCH bar is now right at the TOP of the right sidebar. Now you can search ’till your hearts content!

3. The menus have changed a little up top. Our Bungalow still goes to our house tour page, but we’re in the process of revamping that. So far we have cleaned up the pics on the main page, but we still need to finish each room’s individual page complete with photos, links and sources. DIY Projects has also been reorganized to make searching through our DIY projects much much easier!

4. We have four (yes, FOUR!) new series coming up that we’re really super insanely excited about; Get Organized, Colour Your World, Box it Up and Let’s Go Shopping. The first three will be highly visual, with tonnes of sources and INSPIRATION and the third will actually be us trying our hand at vlogging (video blogging)! Yikes!

5. All of this new exciting stuff will still be balanced out by our own DIY projects as always (we’re planning a pantry, a girls’ room makeover, a shed/workshop and loads of smaller projects too) and all of the other reasons you started reading aka design to begin with. It’ll just be more fun and well, just more, more, more!

6. And finally, at some point over the next few months we will be revising our ebook to include more photos, new information and perhaps even some projects. If any of you have purchased it, we’d love to hear what you think is missing from the current version. Please contact us asap!

Phew! So much to do!

So, the gyst of this post? The reason we’re doing all this work?

We love you guys and we feel so incredibly blessed and thankful that you spend some of your time hanging out with us in this virtual world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Feel free to take a look around and let us know what you think of the changes and new ideas.

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  1. says

    You have a great website. Just one comment… big parties are not always better. I liked your “smaller” party because I took the time to look at lots of the submissions. When there are over 250, I just barely skim them, there’s just too much there and therefore doesn’t seem as personal as yours.
    Julie @ follow your heart woodworking recently posted..My Workshop – Part 2 – The floor, blocks and starting the framingMy Profile

    • aka design says

      Thank you for the feedback Julie. I totally agree with you. I didn’t mean for low numbers to be the focus of my chat about the link party. Blame my sleep-deprived brain for lack of focus. I LOVE the people who do link up and am thrilled to help promote them. BUT with the weekly party and writing it and linking to the highlighted people, I was finding it really hard to write other content and do other projects of our own, which the readers who took our survey really really want to see more of. Does that make more sense?

    • aka design says

      It’s funny, the search bar has always been here…just not on the top of the sidebar. Apparently a good recommendation from Lyndon!

  2. Gretchen Neal says

    Oh thank you for keeping the party! It’s the only thing sometimes that draws me to a blog. I’m a follower, a reader. I have no website, no blog at all. But I read my favorites everyday! (YOURS OF COURSE IS ONE) I find so much inspiration and have subscribed to new blogs simply from a party. The only thing that makes me sad is I see the project or inspiration and complete my own version and am so super proud! But there is no way for me to link to a site/party to show my hard work since I have no blog. Is there a way? But keep up the Excellent blog! I love, love, love your work! Much inspiration to be found in your pages!

  3. Emily Jones says

    I can’t even express how awesome your website is. I love the changes and I am looking forward to the upcoming series.

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