My Home Office

Do you guys remember when we bought this house that I was all excited about having an office all to myself? And then we lived here awhile and got talking about the kids and decided it would be better to turn the unfinished space in the basement into a kid’s bedroom?

That was a tough decision for me. I would really love a space to call my own. To craft, write and create – without messing up the dining room or some other space to do it. And even before we bought this house, I could picture my space all organized and pretty.

However, our kids are growing. Jonah has his own room, but the girls share and it’s a bit of a tight squeeze for them. Not to mention that one of them is pretty tidy and the other…not so much.

I don’t think kids NEED to have a room all to them self. You know, it’s not up there with food and actual shelter. But I really enjoyed having my own room growing up. So just as soon as someone is ready to sleep down in the basement, we’ll be working on finishing up a bedroom.

Which brings me back to my home office. And fitting it into the space we have. The family room is pretty full with a huge sectional, bookshelves, treadmill (I have GOT to start using that again!) and a games table. I don’t want to work in our bedroom. Which pretty much leaves the main floor.

Thankfully my “old” desk (the one Dean and a co-worker made me) fits perfectly on this wall in the living room:

desk living room wall

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the art shelves before. Our living room definitely isn’t suffering from lack of things to look at!

art shelves

Sources: I love you my deer printable , I’m your biggest fan printable (esty), With God Nothing is Impossible free printableGold Glitter Ampersand Canvas Art Tutorial.

Aside from some art printables, there is the license plate from our old pickup truck, a mustache canvas, assorted doodads from Michael’s (yo-yo, vintage style wooden car, Be Yourself tin). There is also a very old hymnal and The $100 Startup – which I loved reading and highly recommend. I keep it on the art shelves currently to remind me to think outside the box with my business.

My photography tools (camera, lenses, tripod, batter charger, etc.) and printer are in the white hutch in the corner of the living room. And my crafts supplies and fabric are in the buffet in the dining room.

home office

The new set-up is reminiscent of my old home office, yes?

desk space dining room after

Do you have your own dedicated work/craft space in your house? A room all to yourself? Or do you need to share and make multiple uses of your home too? If you’re a blogger, where do you blog?

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Time to Chat

  1. Jedi Mama says

    Oh. My. Stinking. LANDS!!! I found your blog… totally by accident… tonight, and instead of folding that last load of laundry, like I was supposed to be doing, I’ve been rambling around here, taking your home tour and gasping because THOSE WHITE DINING ROOM CHAIRS!! And THOSE METAL DINING ROOM CHAIRS!!! And I think you and I could be roommates, because I’m pretty sure YOUR DECORATING STYLE is MY DECORATING STYLE, only I don’t really have a style, because the Good Lord did not bestow upon me the spiritual gift of making a room look fantastic. So what I’d like to do is invite you down, straight from Canada, so that you could have coffee with me (even though we don’t have that fantastic coffee bar y’all have in YOUR kitchen) at my dining room table. And then, when our coffee cups were emptied, I would really want you to push your chair back and announce, “You know what? I’d like to redecorate your entire house for you, and let’s start with these wicked ugly throw pillows on your living room sofa, because HOW ON EARTH HAVE YOU LIVED WITH THEM FOR SO LONG?” And I would tell you, “I have no idea,” and I’d try to grab them and stuff them in the trash bin before you noticed that the seam on one is ripped and the cheap stuffing falls out of it every time someone actually USES IT. And then I would just sit back and let you redecorate and create a real coffee bar for US in OUR kitchen, and THEN WE’D GO SHOPPING FOR SOME FANTASTIC WHITE-PLASTIC DINING ROOM CHAIRS LIKE YOU HAVE! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I love this blog… and I may stalk it from time to time, but don’t worry; I’m not a crazy blog stalker. I have a thirteen-year-old boy and a two-year-old boy, and WHO HAS TIME TO DRESS UP IN A BLACK TRENCH COAT AND DARK GLASSES AND BE A CRAZY BLOG STALKER WITH A TEENAGER AND A TODDLER IN THE HOUSE?! I don’t even have time to fold the laundry. Oh, wait. I do. I just spent half an hour surfing all over your blog, admiring your decorating skills!

    • says

      Oh my goodness you sweet wonderful girl!!! You made me laugh and cry and snort all at the same time! I appreciate the compliments and humor and I thank you for taking a break from folding laundry (HORRID JOB!) to send encouragement my way tonight. It was one of THOSE days and your words were just what I needed. You may stalk the blog any time you want to avoid folding laundry. :) xo, S.

  2. Charlotte @ Charlotte's Chair says

    What a lovely space! I love that fluffy chair cover and you lamps! Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    I have my own space in this house… but we’re moving. And it’s a MUST that I have a nook, or a corner, or a room to myself. I need a little bit of space to spread out – to glue stuff – to slap paint on things.

    I love all of your art, though. I want my next space to be a bit prettier.

  4. says

    Cute post! Us Mom’s always make the sacrifices so our families can have more, but I am happy you carved a space for yourself….every woman needs that. Love the industrial look of your desk!

  5. Ruth L says

    I love your style and truly enjoy reading your blog! I feel a little guilty admitting I am blessed to have my very own dedicated sewing/reading/writing/creating space in our home… I love it and it’s fun to have a space where I can spread out and not worry about leaving out a mess overnight if a project isn’t quite complete! I LOVE that you have a desk made by your husband! My husband is pretty handy, but carpentry skills are not quite his thing! Thanks for sharing your life and home with us!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth L

  6. says

    I’m very lucky to have a dedicated room in our house that is my office. Your little nook looks great. I don’t think I could keep it that neat and tidy to be out in the open!