MOVING DAY: Moving Out

We could not have asked for a better December day for moving. Friday was beautifully sunny and unseasonably warm – I didn’t even wear a coat most of the day! And more importantly not one drop of precipitation fell. An impressive blessing given that we live in Ontario (and the following two days were either cold and blustery or wet and sloppy).

We sent the pooch to the groomers – to get her all clean and fresh for Christmas and to keep her occupied for at least an hour and a half.

Our kids really wanted to stick around and help this time (they went to their grandparents for our last two moves). And help they did! I had no idea they had so much energy and strength. A few of their homeschooled friends worked equally and impressively hard.

And our friends. Goodness we are blessed with the most amazing friends!

 (Saying good-bye to the Bungalow: Master Bedroom, Entry/Hall, Girls’ Bedroom)

We rented the biggest moving truck we could find without going to a massive tractor trailer type truck, a 26 foot U Haul  Supposedly it will hold the contents of a 3-4 bedroom two-story house.

Remember our Bungalow was a tiny three bedroom.

Um, yeah.

The problem is that they count that little granny attic over the cab as part of the 26 feet – that and apparently the people that live in that 3-4 bedroom two story quoted house don’t own anything!

Thankfully a friend had brought his brand new pickup truck and we were able to make use of it too.

Despite the smaller-than-we-thought-it-was-going-to-be truck, with all the help we had, we were loaded and finished at the Bungalow in less than two hours. Fastest ever! (And Dean and I should know, we’ve moved 8 times!)

(Bathroom, Jonah’s Room, Front Hall (again!), Kitchen)

In fact my only real complaint of the moving out was that I foolishly drank a Pepsi with dinner the night before – thinking for sure we’d be up late packing.

Only we were finished by 10 pm.

And I was wide awake.




Live and learn, right?

(Kitchen/Laundry, Dining Room, Living Room, Dining Room)

We did have one glitch in our day.

Read about it in MOVING DAY: Moving In.

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