So the Moving Out of the Bungalow went really well.

And technically so did the actual Moving In to the Backsplit. (spoiler alert!)

But the in-between was a little…tedious.

Okay, that makes it sound bad. Which it wasn’t. It just wasn’t what we expected.

You see we were moved out in two hours.

Our bank had the mortgages and funding all ready.

Our lawyer was ready.

The lady we were buying the Backsplit from was ready.

For whatever reason the lawyers for the lady buying the Bungalow weren’t ready.

Until 2 pm.

Which meant it was 5pm by the time we could get keys to the new place and start moving in.

(entry, living room, dining room, kitchen on moving night)

So we took our morning movers to pizza – at the pizza place. We always order pizza for our moving help. We’ve never taken them to the pizza place before though! And our Realtor treated us. Awesome! There’s a first for everything.

Then the rest of the afternoon the five of us were in different towns!

Dean parked the loaded truck in front of the new place in Oshawa and then went to wait the afternoon out with a friend.

The kids (and doggie) went to another friend’s house in Ajax. Which was much appreciated as I didn’t have to keep them entertained.

And I went to Pickering to wait for the keys from the lawyer. I was able to pick up some Yankee Candles for the new house and sit and have tea with a friend.

See? Not your typical moving day!

But it all worked out.

And then, bless them, our friends were amazing again.

Words cannot express how thankful we are for you all. 

At the new house they hauled boxes and furniture, cleaned toilets and cupboards, made beds, helped me set up the living room (including putting up the Christmas tree!) and drove our car so Dean could return the moving truck.

And then we slept…




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