Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, Door-Turned-Entry Table

By this post title you may think I’m confused. Or scatter-brained. Or completely lacking in marbles. But I promise Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, a door-turned-table, the Fall Homeshow and an Upcycle Challenge all relate to each other!


Last month we received an email asking us to participate in The Fall Home Show’s Ultimate Upcycle Challenge.

Don’t know what that is?

Here’s what Vicky says about it:

The Ultimate Upcycle Challenge, held in conjunction with the Toronto Fall Home Show, will see design writers, style bloggers and celebrity DIY experts repurpose materials gleaned from Habitat for Humanity ReStores in order to raise awareness of, and funds for, Habitat for Humanity Toronto www.torontohabitat.ca, which builds affordable housing in communities across the city.

ReStores sell new and gently-used building and décor materials, with proceeds going to support Habitat’s work. While all five Toronto ReStores are a treasure trove for those hunting for reclaimed material, some design insiders often make a trip to the East York location at 155 Bermondsey Rd, which has added furniture and other items, including pianos, to its mix.

Upcycle Challenge entries will be on display at the Toronto Fall Home Show www.fallhomeshow.com, held Sept. 20-23 in the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place. The public will vote on a winning entry, and all items will be auctioned in support of Habitat for Humanity Toronto.

Vicky Sanderson, Toronto Star

We were thrilled to be asked to join such a fabulous group of decor and DIY experts (us?!) which includes Sarah Gunn, Vicky Sanderson, Shoana Jensen, Clare Kumer, Lisa Canning, Mag Ruffman, Lindsey Garrish, Lisa Ferguson, Carson Arthur, Monika Schnarre, Wendy Russell, and Michael Simardone. (If we missed you, let us know. It’s no fun to be left out!)


Today we are ecstatic to show you our finished project all ready for the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge – which is how all the weird things in the title of this post come together!

I’m so in love with our door-turned-entry-table! If it weren’t for a great cause, I know just where I’d put it!

But I digress. Ahem.


Here’s what we started with: an old door with escutcheon, a couple of spindles, two heavy metal brackets and some crystal door knobs.

We went to the Bermondsey Habitat Restore in Toronto, with a project idea already sketched out.

For those of us that live in Durham, yes, there are restores here. And yes, we shop at those normally. But we had to use a Toronto restore for this project. In case you were wondering.

But I digress.

Yet again.

Imagine that.

Back to the project…with sketch in mind, Dean and I blissfully (hello project inspiration everywhere!) wandered the Bermondsey Restore. Holy doors, batman! And kitchens and lighting and doo-dads and spindles and FURNITURE! There is furniture at the Bermondsey store! Heaven on earth for this DIY girl.

We were so glad we already had our project idea or we could have been there FOREVER trying to decide what to create with all the recycled goodness. The original idea was to make a front entry bench from a door and spindles, with crystal door knobs as hooks. The only problem with that was that the bench would have been very top heavy. My dear sweet creative nine year old happened by while I was bemoaning this problem and said why not just make it a table. Why not, indeed! I love that girl!

After the needed adjustments were made to our plan (let’s be clear, my rough sketch, Dean’s plan), we sanded the door, primed it with KILZ primer (great option just in case anything wanted to bleed through) and then coated it in flat black paint  – because that’s what I wanted to show through after distressing. Pieces of leftover pine were used to form the skirts of the table, while the Restore spindles made up the front legs. These got two coats of flat black paint as well.

Then I got to try my new SECRET WEAPON (ha!)…Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint…in Tricycle.

Since this was my first time using the Milk Paint, I watched MMS’s tutorials. Thinking myself pretty smart, I mixed up my paint and started painting.

Only the first coat was too thin and very watery, resulting in an eggplant purple colour (apparently a combination of the red and the blue in the flat black paint we’d used!). Ack!

Let me just say I was TERRIFIED at this point. This was yesterday. One day before our after photos were due.

Eggplant was definitely NOT the colour I was going for!

But after I thought about it a little – college colour theory 101 to the rescue – I calmed down and mixed up some more paint. And then some more. It took about 3 coats of Tricycle before I was finally happy with the richness of the colour. But I must say, now that I’m used to the consitancy, I LOVE MISS MUSTARD SEED’S MILK PAINT for making over furniture!

For the table top, we made a new piece of 2″x12″ look old by sanding the crisp edges off and beating it with various tools and things. It was then given a couple of coats of Minwax Dark Walnut stain and left to dry.

After we assembled with whole door-turned-table, we needed to finish and protect it. My vision was for this piece to be used in an entryway as a landing spot for keys, mail and that sort of thing. So we coated the whole thing with MMS Furniture Wax and then really played up the details with MMS Antiquing Wax.

I just have to say that Miss Mustard Seed’s FURNITURE and ANTIQUING WAXES are the BEST EVER!!! Holy schmoly! That stuff rocks my world! Especially the Antiquing Wax. I think I’m in love!

Did I mention that my after photos for this project were due today? And that we finally finished waxing at about 10:30 last night. Um yeah, procrastinate much?

Actually we were just really busy with previously scheduled events. And a last minute swim yesterday with friends.

It was the last day of summer holidays afterall.

Besides it wouldn’t be a project around here if we weren’t working hard right up till the last minute, now would it?


What do you think? Do you like our Upcycled Project? What do you think of the Tricycle Red colour? Could you see this in your entryway?


Voting on our door-turned-entry table is up now. You can vote once per day between now and the 23rd of September.

Don’t feel you have to vote that often – we’d love it if you ALL just checked out The Ultimate Upcycle Challenge page and voted for your favourite JUST ONCE!

Did I say “pretty please”?

*Habitat Restores Toronto in conjunction with The Fall Home Show provided us with restore credit towards our project. KILZ sent us primer. Homestead House provided Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint for us to review. KILZ and Homestead House/Miss Mustard Seed had no idea which project we’d use their products for and are not involved with the Fall Homeshow, Habitat for Humanity or the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge. All opinions are our own. For all our policies see here.

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    • 2

      aka design says

      Tricycle is SUCH A FUN COLOUR! I love it! My mind is spinning ’round thinking of where else I could use it! xo.

  1. 10


    Oh my goodnes…this is a fabulous project! I hope it makes a million dollars for Habitat. Thanks so much for the milk paint tutorial…I have not tried the MMS product yet but am looking forward to doing that. I love that the old paint texture still shows through on the door now turned table.

    • 11

      aka design says

      Oh yes! The old texture showed through so well! And really the paint is fab…but I really truly adore the antiquing wax!!!

  2. 14

    Darlene says

    I love your upcycle and tried to vote but when I go to the link it won’t let me scroll down to the area to vote???? I can’t see the projects although it says to scroll down and vote for your favorite. Any ideas to help get there?

  3. 17


    This is the prettiest door I’ve seen out there! The Tricycle was the perfect color. I really need to try MMS paint!
    Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration Shannon!