Mini Barn Quilt

Have you ever heard of a barn quilt?

Until a sweet reader emailed about her barn quilt couple of months ago, I hadn’t either.

But I’ve since decided I love them!


Basically a barn quilt is a quilt square painted onto a board and mounted to a barn. Although they’re starting to pop up on sheds and houses too.


Now I don’t live on a farm and my house is definitely not a country house (we live in a suburb of Toronto with a population of 141,500+). But when I was in Michael’s looking for craft supplies I stumbled upon some square craft plaques and they made me think of barn quilts – rather, mini barn quilts.


  • unfinished square plaque
  • cream or off-white paint
  • dark walnut stain
  • paint brush
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • paint marker (optional)


1. Using a lint free cloth or foam brush, stain plaque with dark walnut stain. Let dry.


2. Using a ruler and a pencil mark a grid of 3×3 equal squares.

3. Then mark off from corner to corner of squares as shown below.


4. Before painting, be sure to mark which triangles get painted and which stay blank. I did this by putting a white dot in the paintable triangles with a paint marker (see photo above).

5. Carefully paint the marked triangles. Let dry.

6. Lightly go over the whole piece with fine grit sandpaper to age.


Do you have a spot for a full size barn quilt? Or is this little one more your size?


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Time to Chat

  1. Sheryl Stephens says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The mini quilt square. I do live in an old farm house with a barn in the yard. Our girls (all very artistic) have said they are going to make us a quilt square for the barn. BUT while I wait..I am heading to Michael’s to make my own mini square. Thanks for sharing such a great idea. By the way we live in the village now and have one of the very few barns still standing in our area.

      • Tracey says

        Well I don’t live on a farm any more (acreage growing up) but I DO get to go to the ‘barn’ (stable!) about four times a week…..I am wondering, what are the dimensions of a full size barn quilt?? I would like to make one for the owner for Christmas, I think she would love it! Thanks for sharing!