Laundry List

Does anyone else have a laundry problem? By problem I mean, that it is always in piles. Clean or dirty, wrinkled or folded, heaped up piles.

When we redesigned the kitchen in our house, the washer and dryer found their home there.

It is incredibly convenient. But because we don’t have a separate laundry room, all of the clothes – clean or dirty – end up in our room. So, when we are finally ready to redo/finish our master bedroom, here are some inspiration ideas I am holding onto for laundry organization.



Does anyone else have a system they love? Any recommended sources?

(Pic 1 source, pic 2 aka design, pic 3, pic 4, pic 5

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  1. Cori-Anne says

    I bought the white linen baskets at Canadian Tire. I have 3 but am looking for 2 more when they go on sale. Darks, Whites, and other right now but Other gets full of tea towels, bedding, and bath towels. When I get 2 more I will then have Light towels, Dark towels, and bedding. I like my laundry situation!