Kitchen Progress – The Ugly

The kitchen is coming along. We’ve removed all the backsplash (and by we, I mean Dean of course!)…

And Dean so brilliantly used an exacto knife and pry bar to remove the counter lip/backsplash piece so the new stainless counters can go straight on top.

We even got the BRAND NEW PRETTY SHINY SPARKLY CLEAN stainless steel counters installed…

But that reveal will have to wait until later!

What have YOU been up to?

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Time to Chat

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      aka design says

      The Stainless Steel that is recommended is 304 Grade (food grade). The finish is #4 which has a brushed look to it or grain if you will. If you are in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you can purchase is through a stainless steel supplier or a Sheet Metal Fabricator. We used ASA Alloys but there are other companies such as Diversified Ulbrich, Ryerson and possibly even Metal Supermarkets.

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    Aubrey says

    Let me just start by saying I love your blog content! This post is oddly therapeutic for me as it gives me a glimpse at what a project like this looks like–mental preparation for our own remodel in (hopefully) a year. Right now, we are working on the entry, mudroom and split-level stairs. So far, we seem to be good at the demo, and not so good at the refinishing :) Good luck!!