Kitchen Inspiration

One of the first rooms we need to address at the new house is the kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong –  it’s not horrible. Nothing like the bungalow’s kitchen was when we first moved in there (remember that?). But it just doesn’t work for us as is.

It was designed as an eat-in kitchen, but with a family of five and the dining room right next to the kitchen, we don’t really need a space-hogging table and chairs eating up valuable real estate.

Plus we host friends and family often – for everything from tea for two to large sit down dinners. So we have oodles (there’s a word for you!) of dinnerware, platters, bowls, mugs, glasses, etc. Not to mention we need to store small appliances like the coffee maker, toaster, electric griddle, Crockpot and the new KitchenAid mixer Dean bought me for Christmas (have I told you I adore that man?!).

One thing we didn’t want to get into was gutting the entire kitchen again. Too much money and too much time-consuming work. You know that whole living life thing.

So the updates we want are:

  • extra storage space  – for platters, serving dishes and small appliances
  • plenty of food prep space – which means clutter free countertops
  • plenty of food storage – did I mention we’re a family of five with three kids who never stop eating?
  • well organized, easy to use recycling and trash sorting
  • a brighter, whiter space (I adore white kitchens!)
  • new hardware, lighting and backsplash

All on a budget.

Kitchen Inspiration

There are a few other elements we’d like to include in our new kitchen as well…

Chalkboard Wall

kitchen inspiration - chalkboard wall

Coastal Living

kitchen inspiration - chalkboard wall

Elle Decor via Urban Electric Co.

kitchen inspiration - chalkboard wall

The Hunted Interior

Island/Penninsula with Stools

kitchen inspiration - island with stools

Ikea via Dust Jacket Attic

kitchen inspiration - island with stools

Est Magazine

kitchen inspiration - island with stools

Rue Magazine

White Subway Tile Backsplash to the Ceiling

kitchen inspiration - subway tile backsplash


kitchen inspiration - subway tile backsplash

Taste Interior Design via Decorpad

kitchen inspiration - subway tile backsplash

Creative Living

 Industrial Style Open Shelving

kitchen inspiration - industrial shelves

Elle Decor via Pinterest

kitchen inspiration - industrial shelves

Country Living

kitchen inspiration - industrial shelves


Drinks Station/Coffee & Tea Bar

kitchen inspiration - coffee bar drinks station

Martha Stewart

kitchen inspiration - coffee bar drinks station

Savvy City Farmer

Stay tuned for what we do with this kitchen inspiration to make our new kitchen our own! For more of our kitchen inspiration visit our Kitchen Board on Pinterest.



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Time to Chat

  1. says

    We bought our house from my husband’s parents. Years before they sold the house to us, they renovated the eat-in portion of their kitchen and added a wall full of storage. Best idea ever! With the dining room being steps away from the eat-in kitchen area, the use of space was very redundant. Having the extra storage is a blessing! I can store away all of our not-regularly-used appliances and dishes, which helps keeps the countertops a little less clutter free. You won’t regret it!

  2. Laura A says

    LOVE your ideas :) especially the subway tile to the ceiling, and the drink station!! So excited to see how everything turns out guys. You’re a couple of design geniuses!

  3. Beth says

    Love the inspiration pics! Saving a couple for my own “dream kitchen”. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.