Is it Christmas yet? {Poll}

We don’t do Hallowe’en at our house.

I won’t go into why.

We just don’t.


I’m typically kind of girl who likes to pull out the Christmas decorations on the 1st of November.

Embellished Joy Canvas

Also for reasons I’ll not get into (today at least), the Christmas decorating will be slightly delayed this year.

Glittered Joy Pinwheel Banner

Which has me thinking, when do y’all decorate for Christmas?
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    So my husband has this rule… “nothing Christmas related until after Thanksgiving”, which kills me!! I would start Nov. 1st, gladly.. but sadly I cram it all in like a mad woman, including some here and there black friday shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving. Usually that Friday or Sat. we get our tree, and that kick starts the whole thing. But if it were up to me, sometimes there are years I feel like I could start in October :) he he.. ~Bre

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    I can’t wait for christmas. very year I feel like a little kid waiting for the lights, the presents and the feeling that is just so beautiful. This is my favorite festival of the year and especially cause I love Jesus. I’m glad Im not the only one who wants Christmas to arrive already :)

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    We don’t celebrate Halloween in my house, either which means I decorate for fall on September 1st and just add a few things beginning of November for Thanksgiving. The weekend after Thanksgiving, though, I make NO plans (my husband works in retail – I do NOT shop on Black Friday!) and spent those three days packing up fall and decorating for Christmas. This year we’re celebrating 12th Night, too, so my decorations won’t come down until the 2nd weekend in January. Woot!!!!

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    dianne says

    I am glad to hear that there are others that do not celebrate halloween. I decorate for fall with pumpkins, gourds, ornamental corn and leaves.
    I really love your JOY canvas, so cute! I am Canadian, but usually only decorate around the American Thanksgiving (after my husband’s birthday!

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    We don’t do Halloween, we usually go out for dinner that night. I know…a scrooge.
    I answered I decorate for Christmas at the beginning of December…I actually start earlier. We put the lights up outside before it gets too cold, but don’t turn them on till December 1st. I have a couple things decorated already, our Thanksgiving is in October so I don’t have to decorate anymore for fall. Yes, most of my fall decor is packed away. I Love Christmas!!!
    Debbie :)

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    sherri says

    I don’t decorate for Hallowe’en, but we still celebrate it. I don’t really decorate for any other holidays either. Personally, I don’t Christmas decorate until December. I like to give the month of November as recognition to veterans that have served our country- so by showing my respect I wait till December to start the celebrations.

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    We usually decorate at the beginning of December but since we moved back into my boyfriends parents’ place, its kind of hard to decorate, don’t know why. :(