In the Garden – Sort Of!

I have to show you a really adorable little painted clay pot.


It was originally going to go out on the patio, but I loved it so much that I just couldn’t put it out there in the sun and wind and rain. You know to get all touched by the elements. (It was totally designed for that, by the way. I’m just being silly.)


So I kept it inside. And to make sure it stayed inside I planted indoor plants in it.

virginia johnson

One Dieffenbachia hedged in by an ivy on each side.

And just for fun I moved it around the house to see where I liked it best. What do you think?


Want your own adorable little painted clay pot? Check them out at


I was sent said little poppy yellow clay pot to show you the new design by Virginia Johnson. Opinions about its adorableness are my own. :)
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