Ikea 2013 Favorites

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I was wondering if it was coming at all this year. I thought I was going to have to call to track it down.

Turns out it just got delayed because of mail forwarding from the move.

Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve changed our address with them.

Oh well.

It’s finally here.


In case you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, I mean the Ikea 2013 Catalog, of course!

After perusing the catalog pages for a few days now, I thought it would be fun to virtually shop its pages, to share our Ikea 2013 Favorites and why we love them so much.

Ikea 2013 Favorites

birkeland bed frame  0183966 PE335106 S4 Ikea 2013 FavoritesAt only $399 CAD, the BIRKELAND Queen Bed Frame is an incredibly affordable way to add a bit of cottage/beachy charm to any bedroom.

knipsa basket  65407 PE176604 S4 Ikea 2013 FavoritesThe KNIPSA Lacquered Seagrass Basket is so natural and outdoorsy, a perfect compliment to…

limhamn shelving unit  0116138 PE270276 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

The LIMHAMN Shelving Unit. Pair a couple of these, filled with the basket above to create a warm rustic industrial look in a space.

alex drawer unit with drawers white  0085835 PE213729 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

Lately I find myself trying to figure out a spot to put one or two of these ALEX Drawer Units – just so we have somewhere to store all of the kids (the girls’!) art supplies and papers.

malm drawer chest  0140529 PE300528 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

I find myself in LOVE with the happy, yet muted, color of the new MALM 3 Drawer Chest in Grey-turquoise.

 arv piece dinnerware set  0172472 PE266785 S4 Ikea 2013 FavoritesNow anyone who has visited us knows that we have an abundance of white dishes. They don’t all match, but they’re the same earthenware material and they’re all white. So it doesn’t matter one iota! Since finding the ARV dishes at Ikea though, I’ve secretly been hoping my dishwasher would eat my existing plates just so I could add these pretty ones with their romantic ruffled edges!

soare place mat  26004 PE110995 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

I absolutely ADORE these handmade woven SOARE Place Mats! I could never justify buying 12 of them for our old house (remember our GIANT dining room table?!). But maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to figure out buying  6-8 of them for the new table (that isn’t built yet!).

docksta dining table  35716 PE126584 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

The DOCKSTA tulip-esque table would make for a fabulous games table in the family room, don’t you think?

byholma marieberg armchair  0152745 PE311056 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

Two BYHOLMA Armchairs are still on my wishlist for the ends of our not-yet-built dining room table. They would be such a contrast (in a totally good way) to our knock-off white Eames Eiffel side chairs.

Obviously some of our favorites are brand-spanking new, but a few are tried and true products that we’ve loved for a long time. And there were several more that I noticed we already own.

bravur wall clock  29234 PE116289 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

I totally broke down and bought this rather pricey but HUGE BRAVUR Wall Clock on my third trip to Ikea in 2013. So happy with the splurge!

benzy duvet cover and pillowcases  0165867 PE320805 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

When we redid Jonah’s room for CWTS just over a year ago, we bought the BENZY Duvet Cover and Pillow Case set because it suited a pre-teen boy and it had blue (his favorite color) and browns/taupes (that coordinated with paint we had leftover!).

benzy land cushion  0130826 PE285249 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

benzy land cushion  0148583 PE295967 S4 Ikea 2013 Favorites

These BENZY LAND Cushions totally caught my eye awhile back. I love the map print, but since we use them on our swirly-patterned slipper chairs in the living room they are mostly turned around backwards where the pretty buttons show.

Was your catalog slow in arriving? Have you been to Ikea yet this year? What are your Ikea 2013 Favorites? 

P.S. This post was totally NOT sponsored. At all. We just thought we’d share what we’re loving. It’s been awhile!

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  1. says

    Dare I admit I got mine MONTHS ago? Like September. Maybe even August. I had to check to see if it WAS the 2013 after this post, to make sure I’m not missing out on any Ikea yumminess. Fortunately, it is!

  2. Elizabeth says

    There are far too many things to name just one favorite! But I think I need an Expedit unit,the biggest one they have,so I can store all my sewing and craft stuff. Sadly, it would have to go in our bedroom,since there is no space anywhere else.

  3. says

    We (well, I – I’m not sure my boys care too much!) love our Arv dishes – great to use everyday and mix with other designs! We haven’t been to IKEA yet this year, I’m sure a trip is in our future!

  4. says

    Oh I’ve had my catalogue for awhile now and do have several items on my wish list too! I really want that bed frame and the Alex drawer units would be fabulous in my new office space! Thanks for sharing your picks.

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