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It’s been just over a month since I wrote Heart to Heart and shared, well, what was on my heart at the start of the year. And really nothing has changed as far as my desires and those of Dean and I for our family.

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We still want to focus on our relationships – with God, each other, our kids and our friends.

We still want to keep our schedule uncomplicated.

We still want to get healthy.

And we still want to get out of debt.

After our first heart to heart, a few of you quietly left. One of you protested our frequent mention of God. But most of you gave us wonderful words of encouragement. And for that we are grateful. And honored that you’d want to stick around.

So here’s where we’re at:

  • On the book front, I haven’t worked on the healthy eating/cookbook yet. BUT I did finish Bloggers & Brands which is another ebook that I’ve had running around in my head for ages. It launches on February 25th and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. I sincerely hope it helps many bloggers! As you can imagine it was loads of work and I thank my sweet hubby for picking up the slack on the housekeeping front for me.
  • I haven’t gone back to the gym yet. In fact I haven’t exercised much. A virus and iron deficiency left me physically exhausted for much of January and right up until this week actually. Thankfully my wonderful Naturopath provided some insight and supplement suggestions. I hope to have the energy to begin exercising next week.
  • I completed a full unit for my Design Course. I have two left to finish before April. I plan to be done in plenty of time. And then (at least on paper) I will be an Interior Designer!
  • Dean and I have not renovated one single thing yet this year! Truth be told it’s a very strange feeling. However, it has also been a wicked winter and neither of us has felt much like hauling materials or tools. So it’s been a relief not to feel pressured to get something done just for the blog. I am feeling the itch to paint something now that Bloggers & Brands is finished though.
  • Our kids have enjoyed our presence. We have played games and watched movies and snuggled up on the couch together. Dean is reading through the Bible with Jonah and I will begin doing something similar with the girls soon.
  • We choose to homeschool. We haven’t talked about this at all with you yet. But my goal is to tell you how homeschooling came about for our family, what a typical day looks like and what resources we’ve found helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • We need to get rid of debt. So far we have met with some smart people, worked on our budget and reined in our spending. Increasing income is also at the top of my list for 2014. We’re talking more about money, which has always been a bit of a weakness. Once we figured out we’re on the same team even with money, it helped quite a bit.
  • We’ve been sharing a little love on Sundays with our Sunday Love Notes. I really hope you find those short and sweet messages encouraging.

Well, there you have it. A brief summary of how 2014 is going so far at our house.

How are you doing? Is 2014 treating you well? Do you need some encouragement to keep on going? Let me know what I can do in the comments. 


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Time to Chat

  1. 1


    I want to encourage you in the direction you are going in your lives and your blog and I’m so glad you are sharing it. I am delighted that you are sharing our Lord more and hope you courageously continue. Never before blogging have Christians had such a powerful way to touch others with the love of God and His message of an abundant life and His immeasurable love for us. We are being given an unprecedented opportunity to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ with the world and God bless you for not wasting it. I wish you success in all your good goals and will continue to follow your blog as I have for ages and ages. Hugs to you sweet sister-in-Christ!

    • 2


      Thank you! Really I’m glad your enjoying it, but I’m even more happy that you’re speaking about Christ in a world that is increasingly hostile to that. Blessed to have you here. xo

  2. 3


    To me it sounds as if your priorities are right where they should be…you are listening to your hearts. When you are true to yourself, you can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t even try. Hope you are feeling better soon, Shannon!

  3. 5

    Nadine says

    Love the direction your blog is heading and love that you are sharing what is important in your lives (very encouraging).

  4. 7

    Junalin @ Doula Training says

    Very inspiring! Among in the lists I like to point out about the not getting anymore debts, it is a good way of thinking every people must have. Debts are nothing it adds more and more problems. I am struggling this too until now.

  5. 9

    Aimee says

    I love the honestly! I can’t say that I am very religious, but I will always stick around for you great design ideas and am super supportive of all your devotion!

    Awesome work (as always)


  6. 10

    Marsha Sefcik says

    Love the direction you have taken. From one homeschooling mom to another I am looking forward to hearing more about that side of your everyday life along with all the other topics. Take care.

  7. 11

    Sarah Kerr says

    I absolutely LOVE your blog. I love it even more now that you have opened up more about Christ, family and real life. Speaking about Christ is probably the most important part of your blog. You never know how the Holy Spirit will use it in someone’s life!

  8. 12


    What a great direction you are heading! We are considering homeschooling this fall for our children, it has always been a desire of mine. We also just recently paid off our vehicle loan so only have the mortgage left, it was a long road to getting out of debt, if we can do it, you can! Excited to watch your family and goals with God leading. Thanks for sharing!

    • 13


      I love hearing of others paying things off!!! Like LOVE because it gives me hope that it can really be done! Thank you Ange for sharing.