He is Risen Easter Printable

Hello friends!

Since my dining room is looking a little like a paint booth right now – I’m finally working on the kitchen cabinet doors! – I thought it would be fun to put together a little Easter printable for you.

Much like our last several free printables, this 8×10 is made to look like chalkboard art and consists of one of my favorite Easter sayings – “He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed.”

To download for printing just click on the image above and then right click to save the PDF and print. It’s so easy!

*Remember don’t just print the image above  – it’s not the right size and it will come out all pixelated!

And before y’all ask again :)

  • nope, the printable is not available in any other sizes
  • nope, you can’t have a copy of the editable file
  • nope, we don’t share the fonts and would really like you to refrain from doing so in the comments

Our FREE printables are like a little gift we like to give our readers. Pretty please don’t ruin our fun!

Now, go forth, print, frame and enjoy!

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Time to Chat

  1. 7

    Valerie says

    Thank you so much for this – love it! I’m so happy to find an Easter printable that isn’t all bunnies and eggs.

  2. 19

    Nicole S. says

    I just downloaded this beautiful printable. It’ll be going up on my mantle this weekend. Thank you for sharing!

  3. 21

    deb c. says

    Thanks so much! I’m an old lady who’s not computer-savvy enough to create my own, so I appreciate this wonderful FREE printable! Thanks, again!

  4. 23

    Laurie says

    What am I doing wrong?!!!! I LOVE this print, it is exactly what I envisioned that I need- but I’ve tried a hundred times and can’t seem to save it as a pdf. it only allows me to save it as a jpeg. any advice? Thank you! Laurie

  5. 24

    D says

    Hi. Love your work. I am wondering if it is permissible to use your free printables as graphics on my blog (just in the process of getting mine set up)? Thanks so much. I hope you have a chance to answer this.

    And, YAY, Yes. He is risen indeed!!!! Happy Easter.

      • 26

        D says

        Thank you. Just so you know, I wasn’t meaning to use them as a header or anything like that…more like the pretty stuff at the top of a specific blog. You do some lovely work! I’m getting ready to launch a blog on Celebrating God right in the midst of all the “whatever’s ” of life…and there’s lots of those. But we have a risen Savior so YAY! And He is Sovereign over all those “whatevers” :) . Enjoy Him BIG this easter season — which really does last everyday…right?!

        • 27

          Deborah (Debbie) says

          …and by “Blog” I meant “blog post” (duh — I’ve been really ill for the last week, and apparently my brain is still muddled. Oh the stories I could tell….)