Happy Family Day!

In several provinces of Canada, today is a wonderful holiday called Family Day. :)

We’re keeping it pretty low-key – Dean is planning to take the older two kids tobogganing and I’m still snuggling with our sick littlest one.


She had a sore throat one night last week and then felt better. She coughed a bit on Saturday. And then yesterday she woke up with a fever and quite a bit of congestion. So much so that we went to the clinic right away.


By yesterday afternoon her fever was under control and she was doing better. For which I am very thankful!

Whatever you decide to do today, be it Family Day or just a regular Monday for you, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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    Happy Family Day! Here in BC we had ours last week (why oh why is ours on a different day than the rest of the Country??) I hope your little one is feeling much better, lot’s of hugs should help!!

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    So nice to stumble upon another Canadian in blog land! :0) Happy belated Family Day to you and your family as well! I’m in Alberta. I hope your little one is doing better :0) Sometimes I think it’s harder on us than the kids.. I work in a clinic and it has been busy with this sort of thing for the past couple of months…Hugs for her! Take care!