Handmade Glitter Letters Sheet Music Garland

I used to hate glitter. But that was when the girls were little and if we had glitter it got EVERYWHERE! I actually banned it from our house for years. I know – meanie. Anyway, imagine my girls’ surprise when we went to Michael’s last week to look for glitter! I had a project in mind, I tell ya!

Wanna know what it was?




  • 15 old hymnal pages
  • cereal, cracker, granola bar boxes
  • Mod Podge
  • Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter
  • Martha Stewart Glitter Glue
  • white paint
  • paint brush
  • scotch tape
  • glue stick
  • clothes pins
  • jute or hemp string
  • scissors
  • glue gun & glue



Step 1.
Using our standard method of transferring letters (you know, trace it off the computer screen, pencil the back, trace onto the final object), I traced the letters J – O – Y onto the backs of opened up food boxes. I used a rice cracker box, a cereal box and a granola bar box. To stiffen up the letters, I traced two of each – one the right way and one backwards, which I then glued together with Mod Podge. Trim any edges that don’t match perfectly.

**UPDATE. Thanks to one of our readers for reminding me to include the font I used: Engravers MT.**

 Step 2.
I painted each thick letter with some white craft paint and let it dry.


Step 3.
Then I “painted” the Martha Stewart Glitter Glue onto each letter and sprinkled on some Martha Stewart Crystal Coarse Glitter. Let dry.

Step 4.
Accordion fold all 15 sheets of hymnal paper (or other book pages). Tape together 3 sets of 5, and then curve each set around to make 3 circles (just like our Scrapbook Paper Banner).

Step 5.
Hot glue a decent sized piece of thick paper onto the back of each circle  to keep the middle from “popping up”. Hot glue your letters onto the centre of each circle.


Step 6.
Clothespin each circle onto a piece of jute or hemp string and hang up somewhere that could use a little vintage glittery Christmas bling!


I adore this garland…don’t you?

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  1. 1

    Colleen says

    Love it, thanks for sharing the how-to! Where did you trace the fonts from? I trace off the screen too and would love to use the same fonts, thanks!!

  2. 15

    Karen says

    Love the banner. What am I doing wrong. I am in microsoft word and changed the font to 500 and can’t get large letters to show up. Any help??? Thanks, Karen

  3. 17

    Karen says

    Thanks for your help. Finally figured it out. A question for you. Why can’t you print it out that big. Got the big letter on the screen but when I print it is small?? Thanks, Karen