Graphic Statement Wall

Over the last couple of years, several bloggers have featured (their own and others’) graphic/geometric statement walls.  I read about After the Before’s  bold orange living room TV wall awhile back.


Isn’t it gorgeous? The only thing is, I don’t have a big wall to paint something like this on.

Then this past week another fave blog of mine, Room Remix – the blog, posted about a dramatic entryway by Urban Nest.

Can you say, stunning?!

Then it hit me! We have a T- shaped front hall and there is this four foot wide wall by the kitchen that needed something (besides the crown moulding and quarter round that’s still missing).  I’d thought of a large mirror, or an arrangement of frames all painted white. But nothing felt quite right.


Until the graphic statement wall.

First we went out and bought some wide (about 1.4 inches)  Frog Tape. Then I drew a quick sketch and enlisted Hubby’s help for the measurements (okay, truth be told Hubby did all the measuring). We used 15 inch squares, three inches apart.


We decided to have the squares remain the blue-gray colour (CIL Wexford Fog) of the rest of the hallway and to paint out the wall with the same colour as the trim (Behr Swiss Coffee). This was partly because it would speed up the project and partly because it would help to brighten the space.


Here it is all taped up and ready to paint.


Quick two coats of paint, and then peel off the tape.






Total project time: about two hours. Total cost: about $10 (we had the paint and the roller, we just had to purchase the frog tape).

What do you think?

(Unfortunately I didn’t take better photos before we sold this house and moved, but I still loved the wall!)

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Time to Chat

  1. 10

    Juliet says

    This looks amazing! I love seeing how other people are interpreting the same pattern. Thanks for the shout out to Urban Nest!!

  2. 12

    Adriane says

    Please please please tell me what paint color you used on your blue wall with the pillows and shoes. I absolutely love it!!!

    Thanks so much.

    Great job!!!


    • 13

      aka design says

      Thank you, Adriane! It is CIL Wexford Fog. It’s a really gray blue. You can pull it either way, depending on the accents you incorporate. S.

  3. 14


    I have an awkward wall in my bedroom and had been pondering on what to do with it. I just found the answer. Thanks a bunch for posting your creative ideas and your beautiful home.


    • 15

      aka design says

      You are so welcome and thank you for the kind words. Be sure to pop back in and let us know how your wall project goes! S.

    • 24


      You’d have to paint the whole wall with the black, let it dry and then tape off your boxes and paint the wall red. After you remove the tape you’d be left with black boxes on a red wall.