Get Organized: Seasonal Clothes Storage

Get Organized is another new series on aka design created to help you focus on getting organized by knowing WHAT to use to cleverly corral all your stuff!

This time we illustrate how to store seasonal clothes in any-sized space – using entirely functional and beautiful bins, boxes, baskets and labels, like these…



Aren’t they pretty?


Tips for Seasonal Clothes Storage:

  • Labelling stored clothes is a must! For a vintage look, tie a few vintage paper hang tags (2) to basket handles with fabulously useful and neutral twine (8). Or get fancy with library-style Category Label Pulls  (3) on wooden boxes and baskets. Even add a little personal style to handy-but-plain plastic boxes (10) with brown Kraft Labels (4) and a Sharpie (7).
  • Sometimes you just don’t want to look at off-season clothes no matter how organized they are (who wants to see capris and tanks when it’s twenty below?), so try hiding storage containers behind some prettier-to-look-at curtains (1). This works especially well for hiding shelving full of stored goodies!
  • What’s not to love about sorting clothes into numbered canvas bins (5) – hello typography?! If you’ve got little ones, the numbers could even represent clothing size, shoe size, age or birth order!
  • When space is at a premium, don’t forget about the space under the bed. Who needs a bed skirt when you’ve got baskets like these to look at (6)? How easy are those castors? Or keep the pretty bed skirt and add some divided under bed storage, like the SKUBB series (11) from Ikea!
  • Stow mitts, scarves, or blankets in gorgeous Seagrass Baskets (9) or round stacking boxes (12). No one will be the wiser – even if you put these on bookshelves in the living room!
What other seasonal clothes storage tips can you think of? Any fun storage containers out there that we should mention?

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    This is a nice list – functional and beautiful. We just had custom closet shelving installed (after being in our house for nine years). Now we should get started on packing up all those summer clothes.