Friday Love List

Today we’re going to bring back an old feature in a new way. Friday’s on AKA used to mean we posted Friday Five, a sort of round up of five random things from our week as a numbered list with a photo for each.

Friday Love List is sort of the same, but it will also feature things we just happen to love: blog posts we’ve read, quotes we’ve heard, moments from our week or fab finds. It may be five things, but it may as well be 3 or 8 or even just a couple.

Are you ready?

Friday Love List

Jess and Monica and a boatload of other bloggers are taking DIY to the next level with this year’s Creating With the Stars. You should see the projects!

I saw this quote on Pinterest and it sums up so much of my life…

Some of my favorite bloggers (I love love love their style) linked up rooms to Blogger Homes this week. Eek!

I really like this girl’s style, don’t you?

I may just have to order these for our bedroom nightstands.

It’s still snowing here. STILL. I kind of wish I was Kate right now.

Christine won the #pillowfightchallenge and will be speaking on stage at the National Home Show tomorrow night at 5. Congrats lady! I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be beaten by!

Happy Friday, friends. 

P.S. If you’re curious, there are other bloggers who write Friday lists too, including Rambling Renovators, The Magnolia Pair, White Cabana.


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