Friday Five – May 11, 2012

On Fridays we have a little extra fun at {aka}|design – because we share five random things from our week: design inspiration, amazing etsy shops, fun family stuff. Sometimes we just share things that were amusing. In any case, Friday Five it is!

1. We played around with some new graphics and came up with a new logo for Friday Five. It was fun! Do you like?


via Lawn Mower Guide 

2. I cut the grass for the first time in years – and I can easily say I appreciate Dean even more than usual! Not a fun job!


3. The reason I cut the grass is that Dean was working on another project and we needed to save time. (Really, we needed two Deans!). Any guesses as to the project?


4. And all the doubling up of jobs and projects is because we have a house-full of company coming again this weekend. One of our sweet kids is getting baptized on Sunday!!!


5. I’m totally stoked by all your DIY projects! If you have a project to share, or if you just want some inspiration, visit this week’s DIY Link Party.


That’s it for us! What was your week like? Any weekend plans?

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Time to Chat

  1. says

    I agree. I mowed once and will never do it again. Love the new logo for Friday Five and can’t wait to see your new project. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • aka design says

      I used to mow the lawn occasionally years ago. But we had an electric mower then. The gas one is harder to maneuver… and heavier! Glad Dean usually does it! Happy mothers day!