Friday Five! (February 1, 2013)

Do y’all remember when I used to post Friday Five? You know more than once, um, a year?


Me neither.

Life has been clipping along at such a pace lately – it’s February already! – that we have yet to finish one project from start to finish.

1. We still have boxes of things arriving almost daily: this week it was two chandeliers, a portable hard drive to back up all my pics (finally!) and a fireproof box to store our important documents in (again – FINALLY!). And we’re still waiting for:

2. Our stainless steel counter tops are being cut today (click to watch a quick video of the laser cutting!)!!! Which is super exciting. It will still be a couple of weeks before we get them installed though due to our schedule. That whole life thing, right?

3. I’ve been slowly – VERY slowly – working on my Interior Design Diploma over the last couple of years (what else did I have to do, right?). This week I will have completed half of it. And it’s time to step it up and finish the whole thing within the next year. There I said it. Online. In public. I don’t plan to go out and start designing as a full-time gig just yet – I just want the paper that says I can. But who knows what God has in-store in the future, you know?

4. Remember I told you about the kijiji chandelier I found last week and how Dean went to pick it up for me? Well, it isn’t quite the exact chandelier I wanted. But only in that it’s the wrong colour. It was supposed to be an iron colour – which is sort of black. But it’s really more of a rusty colour. Which doesn’t work with the black chalkboard and black buffet pulls in the dining room. So after I take off all of the crystals, Dean will be spray painting it black for me. I say Dean will be because he’s more patient with spray paint than I am. I tend to rush which results in drips. Not my Dean. Nope.

5. My wonderful hairdresser had sick kids earlier this week and then left for a much-deserved trip to Cuba with her hubby – right when I decided it was finally time to get my hair done. Totally my bad on the planning. Lucky for me I have yet another friend who is a hair dresser and she squeezed me in last night for a cut and colour. Which I love. Did I mention that both of these wondrous stylists are named Nicole?! Crazy, I know.

On another note, my to-do list is still a mile long and includes a tonne of painting:

  • paint kitchen cabinets
  • paint remainder of hallway
  • paint trim around doors and windows on the main floor
  • paint our bedroom
  • paint trim in our bedroom
  • make decorative pillows for our bed
  • find the bedskirt for our bed!
  • install some sort of wainscotting in bathroom
  • paint bathroom
  • paint bathroom cabinets
  • stain open kitchen wall shelves
  • stain remainder of industrial shelves in kitchen
  • clear coat or wax above shelves (too dusty just stained)
  • paint family room trim and wainscotting
  • paint family room walls
  • spray paint all the interior door knobs
  • switch out the remainder of the switch plate covers and outlet covers to white (currently wood)
  • chalk the chalk board (I think 3 weeks is good and cured!)

And I’m sure there’s a gazillion other things to do too!

What have you got planned for this weekend? Any projects? Or just hibernating?

P.S. We have a fun giveaway coming up next week! Watch for that! And maybe, just maybe we’ll have some project progress photos for you. :)


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  1. says

    OMG – that list is exhausting!!! I love watching as your new home takes shape. You and Dean are so talented. Can’t wait to see those new countertops.