February is Heart Month – In More Ways Than One! #TreatYourHeart

This February is Heart month. Which is pretty cool since Valentine’s Day is on the 14th, yes? I’m guessing that’s deliberate!

As I get older, it becomes more obvious to me that Dean & I need to take better care of our bodies so we can live the fullest life possible. In order to do that we need to know what needs to be taken care of - knowledge is power, right?! So while everyone is thinking of romance, chocolate and hearts this month, I’m going to be thinking about my heart – and Dean’s. Our actual physical hearts, that is! 

Since heart disease is a leading cause of death, I’ve taken an easy quiz called The Heart Age Calculator. It’s an online tool (remember those love quizzes in teen magazines?) to help calculate my heart’s age & assess my risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease within the next ten years. Unlike the magazine love quizzes though this tool is scientifically validated by researchers at McGill University – which is important because I know it’s not just a random bunch of questions that lead to ridiculous answers. It’s totally free and there is no registration even requested, so I didn’t have to share my contact info or anything!

Red heart on old wooden background

I’m thirty-seven. But luckily my Heart Age is only 34.5. I generally sleep enoughdon’t smoke and get moderate physical exercise (sweeping, vacuuming, stairs, etc.) for a few hours a week. I did have to enter “I don’t know” for my cholesterol levels because I’ve never had them tested, but the test accounts for that.

To ensure that my heart stays in a good place I’m going to be sure to be more active and lose some weight (about 20 pounds actually!). In time I will also have my blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked.

I convinced Dean to take the test too. He’s 42, yet his heart age is actually only 39.7. Yay! I know for sure that his somewhat physical job helps. And he doesn’t smoke. But I will be sure to keep feeding him well to keep his weight healthy. We plan to be active together as a family this summer too.   

Do you think your heart is younger or older than you? What about your significant other’s?

Here’s your challenge from me; go take The Heart Age Calculator quiz. Convince someone you love to do it too. Dean and I did it, it’s easy! Then come back and tell me how old your hearts are and if there’s anything you can/should do to improve that number.

Let’s talk about this – our hearts are pretty important!


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  1. Jen says

    Ok I did it
    I’m 40 & my number is 42.5
    I gotta quit smoking and get more exercise!!!
    I could be a 38!!!
    That was a neat tool!

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